Current PPC Trends for Businesses

Pay Per Click Advertising


PPC or Pay Per Click is a unique and powerful method of marketing or advertising. It’s the core of paid searches and it gives businesses and brands an opportunity to target their audience in a specific and flexible way. It’s a user, geography and demographic-based method of boosting traffic to sites.


PPC results are dependent on search engines and their regular updates or trends. It’s therefore important to be aware of latest PPC trends to get more benefits out of paid searches. A great care is needed with pay per click as paid searches are now an essential part of the overall marketing strategy of small and big brands alike.


PPC brings an edge over natural searches and that’s why it’s preferred a lot. With measurable results and options of stopping ads midway, this form of marketing is best suited to those seeking highest kind of flexibility and extensibility.  You just can’t ignore pay per click trends as this will take away your competitive edge. So, be careful and be attentive with pay per click.


Let’s look at latest PPC trends and their impact for your business:


Mobile searches to dominate desktop


Mobile searches have already outpaced those from desktops, and the trend is going to continue. In that scenario, your business can’t ignore the power of mobile and its rising clout. Your PPC campaigns have to consider mobile, smartphones and tablets to get its share of paid search pounds. You will thus need a mobile-friendly website which has responsive designs. If you don’t tweak your website to suit hand-held devices, you will lose out on a massive prospect for sure.


Video ads are rising in prominence


More brands are using informative and engaging videos to target their audience. As videos deliver more engagement and entertainment value, they are now becoming an integral aspect of marketing strategy of brands of any scale and magnitude. You need to leverage video ads more than ever before as they impact rankings and catch attention when posted across social media channels.


Persona targeting


Search engines have already rolled out the option of persona targeting and it’s going to get more popular in the days to come. This option will give PPC advertisers a better understanding of the site’s visitors, their tastes and preferences, their level of interactions etc. This option means marketers can retarget customers based on some valuable info regarding their manner of using websites and accessing its content. With both Bing and Facebook already jumped into the fray, brands now find an opportunity to get a deep insight of their customers and seek prospects out of them.


Keywords no longer hold the same weightage 


Keywords or phrases of the search are not as important today as their intent. Search engines have put in place Semantic Search where all words are going to hold value. With this, sites have to publish quality content only and they have to cut their focus on keyword stuffing. Searches have to be responsive and that’s why keywords had to find less emphasis. For brands, this latest PPC trends means they have to be careful with their content and avoid excessive use of keywords.


Only content with quality will do the magic 


Gone are the days when almost any and every kind of content brought rich rewards, but not anymore. If the content is not informational, it won’t fetch any benefits. If it’s not adding to user experience nor delving deep into some topic or theme, it won’t serve any purpose. More so, the content has to be based around the readers’ requirements and information, and not try to gain advertising benefits in a visible way.


Move over cookies and welcome ID-based targeting


Cookies will no longer be a preferred more of targeting users on the internet. Rather, your business will benefit from ID-based targeting to deal with the issue of multi-screen identities. And with that, you will never lose your customers even when they switch the device. In a sense, traditional way of doing PPC is losing ground at a time when users have multiple devices to access the brand.



It’s obvious that PPC is witnessing quite a lot of trends and changes and bringing a new angle to paid search. It therefore becomes important to avail the best PPC Management services to benefit your business in the desired manner. Let experts set up your campaigns and help you reach your target audience in a desired manner. Never ever set up your campaign by own.

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