Why Your Branding Needs to Focus on Customer Service

Zappos Customer Service


The formula to business success starts with the customer. Without them, no matter how good the product or service, the business will never continue to grow. With increasing competition that’s oversaturating the market, how can your business stay ahead? Always remember to put the customer first.


Make the customer the first priority

Companies that focus on customers as being the top priority usually always have a dedicated following. Take Zappos, for example. The online retailer isn’t recognized as being the cheapest marketplace for brand-name shoes and clothing, nor is it recognized for having the fastest shipping or best packaging. Zappos remains extremely competitive because they’ve mastered their company philosophy: knowing that customers are the priority. If customers need service, they can call in, email and live chat at any time.

Zappos’ customer-centric mentality goes round-the-clock, delivering stellar customer service without any hassles. Wrong size, wrong color or “I just don’t like it” are all welcome and valid for the 365-day, hassle-free return policy. So although the company chooses never to compete in a price war with other competitors, Zappos will always win with customers.


Offer multi-channel customer support

Companies are exploring new and relevant ways to stay in touch with customers. After all, every day is a new opportunity to gain sales. Staying in touch could mean selling through email newsletters, social media posts and now, directly chatting through Facebook’s Pages Messaging.


Customers love the convenience of being able to connect with a company on-demand — getting information such as business hours, directions, what’s in stock or even return policies, simply by chatting with the business in real time.


Ultra convenient for the customer, having friendly and knowledgable staff to answer questions in real time sets the tone for how valuable the company is. Secure a competitive advantage by offering real-time support, connecting with customers who are actively looking for your business right now.


Control your costs

It’s inevitable that growing businesses will suffer from growing pains. With required improvements in infrastructure, companies need to take control of their costs. Companies that started with the home-grown approach — being flexible to attend to customers at any time — will find it increasingly harder to do so as the business grows.


One way companies can continue to affordably offer round-the-clock support for both email and real-time chat is to utilize cloud call centers. In addition to providing support throughout the day, cloud call centers offer benefits in streamlining customer support.


Call centers can completely take over the company’s customer service line or can be added as secondary line of support, for when in-house agents are off the clock. Call center agents are professionally trained and often times staffed with customer service veterans. And most importantly, call centers are invaluable for scaling business, offering flexibility in adding (or removing) agents to meet customer demand.


It’s evident that companies who focus on customer service and satisfaction will always be right with the customers they serve. Regardless of industry, focusing company core values around the customer is a smart investment that pays off as a competitive advantage. Smart businesses will find new ways to connect with customers while maintaining costs.

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