How to Kill It at Online Marketing with a Trustworthy Website

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It takes weeks – even months! – to get your company website designed and developed, but it doesn’t even take 30 seconds (sometimes even less than that!) for your visitor to shape a first impression of it and decide if it is worth their time and trust.


There! Let that sink in.


Except from the repeat visitors who trust your brand and have conducted business with you previously, you should expect this reaction from every other new visitor who stumbles across your site for information and research.


How does this affect your online marketing strategy? In extreme ways!


A website that doesn’t generate conversions, sits there without generating any profit. If your website is the primary platform of your online marketing strategy, such an outcome would gradually, but inevitably, put you out of business.


Website Design


On the other hand, a website that has the capacity to retain the visitor and give them a reason to second guess their own decision to go back on your site, will, no doubt, complement your online marketing efforts.

I have listed 6 powerful tips you should stick by when getting your business website designed. They are aimed to improve the trustworthiness of your website and coax web visitors to convert into customers as they scan through the pages of your website in less than, 30 seconds.


1. Steal their attention with a simple design

Simple Website Design


The very first thing a web visitor comes across is the design of your site. As her eyes scans up and down the website, a simple design with warm colors (that agree with your website scheme) and zero unnecessary animation, will make an appealing effect.


A design full of quirky features and distracting colors will exasperate the visitors and drive them off your site.  Get rid of excess design elements and stick to a clean layout to help them discover the information they are looking for directly.


Such a design will not only gratify the visitor, but it will also communicate your brand message more clearly and complement the site loading speed.

2. Quench their thirst to know more with helpful content

Your website should not come off as a desperate salesman breathlessly asking passersby to buy a bunch of products from his store. It is very important not to pressure them to buy your product with each sentence in your website copy. This will result in the visitor abandoning your site without giving a second thought.


You need to remember the fact that a visitor comes to a website in search of answers to their questions, and telling them to go and buy your product straight-out will help neither you nor the visitor.


The best way to get them to consider purchasing your product is to explain its features and how they would benefit them. If you can provide helpful information on how your product can solve the problems they have without sounding salesy, then you’re half way there to converting the visitors into buyers.


When creating content for your website, there are a few other things you need to keep in mind;


  • Use simple language
  • Keep the sentences, short
  •  Make sure the paragraphs are no more than 2-3 sentences
  • Use plenty of bullet points and as many subheadings as possible
  • Proofread for grammar errors
  • Add keywords


Such helpful content will always win the trust of your web visitors.


3. Introduce yourselves with an elaborate “Meet the Team” page

Most websites tend to skip this page thinking a simple About Us section would suffice; but, this is a huge mistake. The ‘Meet the Team’ page is as important as detailing the history behind the company or providing contact details, because the team behind the company, is the company!


Team Page


It is also a trendy and unique way to get the visitors to spend more time on your site and get to know you better.


There are several ways to introduce the team to the web visitors, but the way I recommend is through an organizational chart. Nothing explains the roles and the responsibilities of the team and the way they are connected to each other, than a comprehensive org chart does. Take a look at the org chart I have attached below;


Org Chart

Org chart created by creately


4. Do all the ‘selling’ you want with testimonials from existing customers

What states “we are a reliable brand” than genuine and grateful feedback from your existing happy customers. Testimonials are an easier way to build trust, and they take care of the ‘selling’ part of the website that you are not supposed to engage directly with on the website.


Most visitors skip every other page and come to the page that displays testimonials or reviews from your customers. These operate as recommendations of your product or service, hence the more testimonials there are, the more trustworthy you become.


5. Assure them you are only one call away with full contact details

Imagine a scenario where your website has earned the trust of your visitor who wants to contact you and find out more details about the product he is interested in, but you have made it nearly impossible for the curious visitor to find your contact information; there goes another potential customer to your competitor’s website!


The shadiest characteristic a website could possess is lack of contact information. It is essential to have a separate Contact Us page on your website, where you mention all the ways your customer can contact you.


In fact put down the contact information at the bottom of every landing page of your website. You also have the option to set up a simple (of 2-3 fields) contact form, where the visitor can fill out their concerns and send to you.


A website, as an important platform representing your brand online, must be capable of making a positive and lasting impression on web visitors. A pretty design will attract the visitors, but it won’t retain their attention. In order to get them to stay on your website, read through the content and respond to your calls-to-action, you need to heed the tips mentioned above.


Do you have any tips you would recommend using when designing a website that would guarantee converting visitors into potential customers? Do share them with us in the comments below.



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