Building Loyalty: 4 Ways to Better Connect With Your Client

Client Loyalty

In these fast-paced days of instant information you may be looking for effective ways to connect with your client and build a loyal base for your company. The following 4 ways will help you encourage loyal, long-time clients, and a satisfying connection between yourself and your base.


Listen to your Customers

The one thing you can almost guarantee is that everyone wants to have a voice. Give your clients an authentic way to express their needs and wants. Try giving an exit survey to clients who have decided to shop elsewhere. Ask them upfront about what they expect in an organization like yours. Taking five minutes to give you feedback can provide actionable data with which you can tweak your product or service.


If you do happen to get a complaint, practice active listening. Try to really hear what your client is frustrated about. Paraphrase it back and, most importantly, offer a solution. The words, “I see why you’re frustrated because you waited 30 minutes for your order. I’d like to make this right for you. How about a gift card for next time?” can go a long way to increase the changes frustrated clients will return.


Reward Them

Offer a loyalty system that’s easy to use. A punch card with a small reward after 10 visits is an easy way to encourage repeated business. You might also try a business card drawing for free lunch. By offering rewards you are telling your customers that you sincerely care about them and are looking forward to their return.

You can use any of these great tools:


Be Nice

Encourage your staff to handle customer service like pros. There’s several approaches you can take to building a staff who truly values customer interaction. Hold your own staff competition to see who can convert the most first time customers to repeated business.


Additionally, always have customer service as a top priority. Offer trainings, information, and reward systems to your staff based on customer service. Draw attention to what they do that works, like truly listening or learning the names of your repeated clients.


Use Social Media

Engaging with social media is quick and easy for anyone with a smart phone. People love to see quick stories, pictures, and relevant articles posted on the Instagram and Facebook pages of the shops they love. Be sure to have a high quality internet presence that includes your location and easy directions, similar to this website of Pickleman’s Gourmet Sandwiches. To take it one step further you could also client polls or write-in questions to keep your client base interacting on a long-term basis with your company.


Following these easy suggestions can help you build an excellent, long-term, loyal client base that will propel your business forward for years to come.

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