Kick Butt Marketing Ideas for Barber Shops

Marketing Ideas for Barbershop


If you need to add to your barbershop’s client base, the internet is the perfect way to get it done. Now more than ever, people are turning to the internet to find all the services they need, whether that means a plumber, a mechanic, or even someone to trim their hair. Here are some proven online barber shop marketing strategies that will direct attention toward your barbershop.


Establish Your Identity

If there’s one thing you can do that will help you build clientele, it’s establishing an identity for yourself online. To do it, think about the environment in your barbershop. Is it old-fashioned, just like the ones your grandfather went to? Is it new, fun, and modern? Do you offer something other barbershops don’t? Think about these things, then incorporate them into your online identity, including your website, your advertisements, and even your Social Media accounts. It’ll make your brand more memorable, which will generate more business.


Check out these great barbershops for brand identity:



Here’s a great example. 5th Avenue Barber Shop in Naples, FL.


Barber Shop Branding


What are they doing right?


  • Great logo – It has a vintage fun feel to it that we could all remember.
  • Clean homepage – I immediately get a feel for the vibe.
  • Online Scheduling – User experience is important. Was it easy to make an appointment?
  • Free beer – You can’t see it in the image but they give you a free beer. Umm, i’ll be there.


Allow Online Scheduling

In today’s world, convenience is key to getting business. You should make everything about your barbershop as convenient as possible for your clients. For example, maybe you can stay open during evening hours or during weekends – times when other shops are closed. What’s more, you can even integrate online scheduling into your marketing campaign. Simply set up software that allows your clients to book appointments right from your website – or better yet, directly through a mobile app.


Here are a few options:



Reward Returning Customers

Just about every barbershop out there offers promos for its new customers, and while that’s a great way to bring people in the door, it does very little to keep them coming back. Offering a discount program for returning customers can make a tremendous difference in your overall clientele. Simply advertise it online – get four haircuts and get the fifth free, or earn a free old-fashioned shave with three haircuts – and you’re sure to have a winning campaign on your hands. Everyone likes to get something free, and when customers feel like you really care about them, they’re more likely to keep scheduling their appointments with you rather than going to the shop down the street offering a one-time 10% off.


Here’s a few that could help you really anchor in repeat customers.



Make the Most of Social Media

You’re missing out on a huge demographic if you don’t have a Social Media Account specifically for your barbershop. About 75% of all adults across the country access their Facebook accounts regularly, and Twitter comes in a close second. Creating social media accounts for your barbershop – and posting to them regularly – can make a huge difference. People can like, share, and comment on your posts, giving them even more visibility. It’s all part of making your barbershop memorable, and it is easily done with social media.


Check Out These Great Resources to help with your Marketing:


  • Social Searcher allows you to monitor all public social mentions on social networks and the web. Quickly measure and track what people are saying about your company, brand, product, or service in one easy-to-use dashboard, which would streamline your online presence tracking efforts and be a huge time saver.
  • Try to easily track brand awareness, discover new leads, share quality content, schedule posts and download progress reports.


Here’s an example of their Instagram account – good stuff.



Don’t Forget about SEO – It Works!

SEO isn’t just fairy dust. It works when done correctly. Customers needing a haircut are turning to search engines more than ever. Your barber shop needs search engine visibility if you ever want to move past word of mouth (which isn’t bad). Ranking on page 1 in a competitive online space could bring you quite a bit of new clientele, but you have to work at being there. SEO doesn’t just happen. SEO is a process that takes time, so the more competitive the geographic location, the more effort it will take.




Here’s a client we worked with who had a brand new shop and a brand new URL (brand-new URLs take time to rank). SEO is a long game, and it is just 2.5 months. Rankings boom!


barbershop marketing

Excuse the one red negative! Fluctuation is normal, and the Google Dance is a real thing.


barbershop marketing


As you can see, getting new clientele into your barbershop doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. In fact, with just a few simple steps – such as defining your online identity, allowing online scheduling, and truly utilizing social media – it’s possible to enjoy more business than ever before.



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