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21st Century Email Marketing


Have you ever thought of email marketing? With the increased use of internet, this is something you definitely want to take advantage of. It involves sending commercial messages to people through their emails. You can use it to send advertisements, request business, solicit sales, build loyalty or to put your brand out there to potential clients. Sounds interesting, right?


President Obama used emails extensively during his campaign. In as much as some people considered the messages annoying, he reached so many people in the United States of America and beyond. How much did he need for this? Only a handful of people to create the messages and send. This is the magic!


It’s all about Strategy

Big cup little cup is an online exclusive brand that uses intelligent email marketing drives to convert website visitors to customers. It is all about packaging the information in an irresistible way that will leave people looking for your products. Is this not something you want?


Most people think that this form of marketing has been passed by time. However, it is one of the most effective and efficient ways of getting to your customers. You just have to use a better strategy that will set the ball rolling. Let’s look at the advantages of using email marketing.


  • It is simple. Email marketing is not rocket science. Anyone can do it any time. All you need is an email list and a catchy message, then you just click. Is it not simple?
  • It is free. Well, not absolutely free, but it costs less than other marketing avenues. Your company might be having some financial constraints, but you still need to be out there. What do you do in such a case? Consider email marketing. It will save you a great deal of money.
  • You can reach many people within a short time. Let’s say you are running a campaign drive for a particular course, your aim is to reach as many people as possible. Since a large number of people are actively using their email, let them find it there when they are expecting to find that email for a new job.
  • Email marketing is a highly personal approach to marketing. People feel better when a company finds it good to contact them at a personal level. As such, they identify with the company. They are likely to get back to you and embrace your product.
  • It is easy to track. You can track using the number of subscribers at any particular time, the bounce messages, clicks-throughs etc. This way, you can up your game to ensure you reach your objectives at the end of the day.
  • The response is fast. Direct emails take a long time to get response. With email marketing, you can easily get the response by looking at the online sales. Sometimes this occurs in a very short time.
  • Target marketing. With email marketing, you can easily target a specific group of people if the product is tailored for them. For example, you can easily target students if you have online courses for them by maybe looking at their ages.
  • You can use email marketing to reach many parts of the world. This can help you market your products beyond your borders. You will find this exciting once it picks up.


Choice of Words

You will need to be careful when packaging your message for email marketing. If it is too wordy, people will not read. It should therefore be precise and to the point. Use photos to help you with the marketing. Always remember to start with the most important things first. Let the less important things come at the end.


To ensure that the target audience gets your message, you must know how to create a target email list for maximum profit. It is of no use sending mails to people who are not interested. Autoresponder system is an effective way of getting started. In this system, when customers key in their details, they will receive special and free offers thatthey really need. Some autoresponder systems that you will find helpful are Aweber and convertkit.


Content is King

Now ask yourself, where do you get the emails? For sites, such as WordPress, they have email marketing plug-ins. This will help you get genuine followers who you will need when you are having something that you will want them to know. One thing that you must not forget is that good content will always have you get a lot of subscribers. People are naturally drawn to good things.


If you are a blogger, it is good to always remind your readers to subscribe to your site. Thank me later is one of those ways that WordPress plug-in offers, which help you to send thank you notes to your blog commentators. This way, your readers feel appreciated. This can be helpful to convert your commentators to regular readers.


Analyze the trends and learn

For effective email marketing, you will need to maintain your email lists. You have to drop those emails that bounce. This is to increase your chances of mail delivery once you sent the mails. You could also find it important to check on your non responders, if they are not responding to your message, it means they are not interested and you will do yourself a favor by not sending them mails. You can also send test emails to those mails that have not been active for more than six months. This can help you to re-engage your subscribers.


Email marketing is an effective tool that can be used to reach millions of people. It is cheap and reliable. All you need to do is to have an efficient system that delivers. You will find it fun and enjoyable.


Author Bio:

Derek Iwasiuk runs national digital search engine optimization firm headquartered in Minneapolis. He also spends a lot of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young SEOs and top agencies. For any inquiries on email marketing, simply visit Engage the Crowd Minneapolis. You can also follow him on Twitter @Diwasiuk


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