10 Marketing Tactics that Will Help You with Your Product Launch

Product Launch Tips


Everyone likes new stuff. Why shouldn’t they? New means different and never-been-done-before. When a company prepares to launch something new, there’s always excitement in the air. This energy is usually paired with coffee because there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that needs to get done. It may seem overwhelming at first, but there’s a reason your business is putting in so much effort for this one thing. The bottom line is that your brand believes in this product. The whole team gets involved and has some part in the product launch. It’s like you’re all preparing to give your audience one big present. It has to be just right; the actual present, the timing, the wrapping paper, all have to be appropriate for the occasion.


To keep your business organized, these 10 marketing tactics will help your team find and deliver the perfect present.


1: Do the Research, Then Do Some More Research

Thorough research is how your business will create a strong foundation for its product launch. First and foremost, your team needs to understand how this new product will do in the market. What unique needs does it fulfill? How has your target audience reacted to similar items? What makes your product different? Strap on your deep-sea water gear and research the depths of the ocean. Knowing the answers to these questions and becoming more familiar with your end users will contribute to a successful product launch.


2: Go BIG or Go Home

Your team must devise a plan that matches the magnitude of your product. Product launches are all about the excess: the media, the press, the marketing. There are many different components you must account for. Creating a plan that incorporates short term and long-term goals will keep your team in check.


3: Keep Branding Persuasive

Is your product a need or a want?


Selecting either/or means your branding has to be persuasive. Why does your audience need your product? Why should your audience want your product? Jason Nazar of Forbes says:


that in order to persuade someone you need to have the right context and timing. This is your wrapping paper. It should not only grab their attention but intrigue users to inquire more on their own time.


4: Spread the Word

Take this opportunity to extend beyond your existing audience. A new product from your brand will undoubtedly bring back loyal consumers, but you never know who might get drawn into the mix. Don’t limit your business to what you know. Instead, experiment with your advertisements to appeal to new users as well. Try different placements or times for your ads. Broaden your range!


5: Increase Traffic with Creativity

Get creative with how your team is going to build brand awareness for this product launch. Email marketing is an effective tactic that drives more conversions than search and social. Your team can even personalize emails and be rewarded with higher transaction rates. Find new and creative ways to communicate with your target audience.


6: Contact Influencers

Influencers are powerful because they’re real people giving their honest opinions. Find people who connect with your company and who believe in the product you’re about to launch. Connecting with your users through influencers is communicating by word of mouth. This tactic has a 37% higher retention rate than traditional marketing strategies experiment with your advertisements to appeal to new users as well. Try different placements or times for your ads. Broaden your range!



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7: Be Your Own Influencer

Practice what you preach and actually use your own product. In order to love others, you must first love yourself. The same applies for your business’ product launch. If you want your users to love your product, you must first love it yourself.


8: Hashtag, Like, Comment

Social media is a great tool for any sized business if you’re looking to increase engagement. On average, Instagram has over 80 million shares a day and videos on Facebook get an average of 89.5 shares overall. One of the wonders of social media is that it enables brands to stay leveled with their consumers and speak digital natively. Get your audience involved in the product launch by giving them something to talk about! Check out this blog post for more information on social media best practices.


9: Just Keep Swimming

After the launch of your product you want to make sure it stays relevant. Make a video that shows your team using the product in different ways to entice your audience. Use Facebook Live or stream the product on Instagram to keep your audience on their toes. As Edward Costa, a content writer for digital marketing agency, Aumcore, writes, “Creating content that is evergreen is just one side of how to successfully use Facebook Live, another is actually engaging with viewers when the broadcast is on.” In other words, make it two-way conversation!


10: Stay in Touch

Whether it’s a consistent buyer or a new customer, make sure your business is keeping in touch! Invite your audience to keep up with news about your company through a newsletter. Tell them to follow your accounts on social media.  Ask them to post a photo with your product and like it! What’s important is that you’re maintaining the relationships.


Hopefully, these ten marketing tactics will help your next team with the next lift off. Here they are again:


  1. Go in depth with your research
  2. Go BIG or go home, set goals that match the magnitude of your project
  3. Context and timing will help your brand be persuasive
  4. Spread the word to new users and try something different with your ads
  5. Get creative in their inbox! Try email marketing to increase awareness of your product launch
  6. Influencers will help with your retention rate
  7. Practice what you preach, be your own influencer
  8. Give your users something to talk about on social
  9. Stay relevant and start a trend with your product


Maintain relationships with all your end users by keeping in touch.


About Author:

Therese Palmere is currently a senior at the University at Albany with a Corporate Communications Major, she has a background in guerilla style marketing for the nonprofit sector and content writing for Aumcore, a SEO Agency based in New York.

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