Ubiquitous Brand: How To Reach Out To Every Audience

Ubiquitous Brand


Whatever your product is, it is never a bad idea to attract more people. The problem is knowing how to attract more than one crowd. The first thing that you can do is try not to limit yourself to one market. These tips can also send you on your way to a more diverse audience.


Find The People Who Will Get The Word Out

You don’t have to change your product or all of the marketing to be effective. You just have to find out who to market it to that will help you spread the word. Some people are well connected and will get the word out to everyone, while other will help you make an impact because they are powerful. When you find the right people, have them work together on a project that will benefit you and them. If they promote your product while adding credits to their resume profile, their fans will learn about your events, or products and support the people. While you are planning the event, it might be good to brainstorm with the people to find out how their audience would benefit from it and their likes and dislikes.


You can include these things in the event and people will know that you can meet their needs. There are also many different resources out there you can use to get the word out about your business. You can use things such as Facebook, Twitter and even Vimeo to reach out to even more audiences. You can even look at different examples, such as those by ACN to get a good idea of how to use resources like this more effectively.


Contact Specific Informers

If there are target audiences that you would like to cater to, you can create a focus group to find the marketers. For example, if you want to target right winged conservatives, you could create a small focus group in a red state to ask them about their likes and dislikes in food, clothing and entertainment. When you get the information, you can target top people with a lot of influence in those markets to attract the target group. Setting up an interview with these top people to understand how you can benefit them and their audience is a way to win them over.


Partner With A Business

Learning which services will complement your business will help you in the long run. For example, if you are a wedding planner, partner with caterers, dress makers and cake makers to make your services most effective. Learn how to service them and help promote their businesses. You never know when you might need that special favor in the middle of a catastrophe.


Share A Rewards Program

If your company offers rewards, partnering with another company to transfer the rewards will make your customers feel appreciated. Chase and Southwest currently have a promotion that allows you to use your Chase points for the rapid rewards program to get discounts on flights. Promotions like this provide an incentive for customers to use your product. Another company is ebates. Ebates has partnered with many companies online and regular stores to offer benefits to clients that purchase products through their site. The customer will then gain a percentage back for every purchase and it can be given to them on a gift card.


In order to meet the needs of a greater audience, they have to find out about your product and why it would be beneficial to them. Choosing the right partnerships are the key to making this venture so successful. If you keep an open mind and learn to cater to everyone’s needs, the rewards could be an increase in marketing.

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