Why You Should Measure Your Online Marketing Strategy with Split Testing

Split Testing


Online marketing can be a difficult field to master. The internet has become a highly competitive environment and gaining the top spot on Google, increasing sales, and encouraging user interaction has become a common goal for entrepreneurs. With a constantly changing landscape, keeping up with marketing trends can be time consuming. And when you have limited data to work with, it could be a costly exercise with minimal results. If you are serious about creating a successful online marketing strategy, split testing will likely be an important piece of the puzzle:


What is Split Testing?

Split testing, commonly referred to as A/B testing, is a strategy which marketers use to create controlled experiments in order to improve website statistics. The goal may vary slightly depending on the company; for example, it may be used with the intention to boost clicks or sales. Website visitors may be subjected to either the original format or a different variation to determine if there are any noticeable changes in behavior. The variations can then be compared to see which strategy showed the most improved performance. Variables could include changing fonts, images, layout, navigation and colors. Advertising and marketing strategies will no longer be based on guesswork but on the results of these controlled experiments.


How is it Measured?

As with any marketing strategy, being able to monitor and measure results is essential. For those who are serious about getting their marketing just right, we recommend using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to measure how effective these A/B tests really are. Technology is constantly evolving, and your marketing efforts need to reflect this, so It is a smart idea to keep up to date with technical updates and best practices. One example of a powerful CRM is Infor CRM which is flexible, compatible with split testing, and can be implemented seamlessly.


Who Should Use this Technology?

Marketers who are serious about achieving their targets will benefit from split testing, and this will be complemented when high quality CRM technology is used. Gaining insights into your customers will allow you to flag potential opportunities for growth and improvement. Utilizing the available tools for analytics and management will ensure the information you are receiving is accurate.


What are the Best Practices?

When working on your A/B testing there are a range of essential best practices you should follow. This all starts with user experience, since the aim is to evoke a positive reaction. Try different layouts to see which is the most user friendly, while ensuring your test is performed on the right target audience. For example, you may wish to compare mobile to desktop, or different traffic sources. Take the time to test your call to action, and the response your landing page creates. Everything from the website copy to the inclusion of a money back guarantee could have a positive or negative effect, and these are just some of the components you should research for your audience.


In summary, split testing is a way to gain additional insight into your website traffic. This information will help you to determine what works and what doesn’t and encourage the traffic to convert in the ways you want it to. This type of testing cannot be done without proper measurement and monitoring, and this is where a CRM program can be beneficial.

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