Unusual Brand Partnerships That Work

Brand Partnerships


When brands get creative, unusual strategic partnerships can blossom. Over the years we have seen marketers team up, and sometimes the novelty alone is enough to make a product stand out from the crowd.


Some favorite examples come from KFC, who have been successful with their fried chicken scented candles and Extra Crispy Colonel sunscreen. Not overly enticing, but who wouldn’t want to own one of these just for a laugh?


Long-term partnerships increase brand loyalty, and Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have been a team since 1955. High-end fashion has landed on the streets, as top designers, including Victoria Beckham, have created budget-friendly lines for Target.


Here are some other unusual brand partnerships that work:


Google and Levi’s

While Google has a wide range of product offerings, a partnership with the jean company, Levi’s was an interesting collaboration. The idea behind Project Jacquard was to turn clothing into wearable technology and sync your physical actions to your devices. This may seem like an unlikely duo, but it makes sense as tech giants look for new ways to integrate wearables into our daily lives.


Katy Perry and Covergirl

This might not be an entirely unusual pairing, but Covergirl let Katy Perry put a spin on their makeup with her Katy Kat line of cosmetics, complete with cats. It makes smart marketing sense to collaborate with a celebrity (or influencer) to help boost a brand. This is a win-win scenario where both parties can offer value to one another.


Tinder and Ford

Who would have thought a car company and online dating app would hit it off? Apparently they were a match because Ford and Tinder are a thing. Swipe right for the 2019 Ford Figo for a chance to win an all expenses paid date and be featured in a video with the new car. This isn’t your typical couple, but the two brands have used innovation to make it work.


Lifelock and Vivint

Lifelock is an identity theft protection service, and like the other brands on this list, they have put real thought into who their partners should be. Vivint is a smart home security company and the two have come together to enhance the safety of consumers, both in their homes and on their devices.


Serena Williams and Tempur-Pedic Beds

A tennis champion and a mattress company may seem like a bit of a stretch, but Serena Williams is the face of Tempur-Pedic Beds. The line is “sleep is power” and one thing is for sure, Serena has a powerful 120mph serve. This is an unusual partnership, but when you think about it, athletes and health go hand in hand. And, this all starts with a good night’s sleep!


Bonne Bell and Dr Pepper

Back in 1975 something magical happened. Lip balm brand Bonne Bell added to their range of flavors with Dr Pepper. A shiny lipgloss that resembled the taste of the “love it or hate it” soft drink, this was a newsworthy choice.


The Wrap Up

Everywhere we turn, brands are collaborating to enhance their marketing efforts. Whether it is having a unique face for the company, or mixing it up with a fun product offering, it has to be shareable. With the goal of going “viral” being so important to many modern marketers, thinking outside the box and being a little bit different is worth the risk.

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