B2B Guide on Improving CRO With Brand Tracking



There are many brilliant benefits that come with tracking your brand, be it big or small. From helping brands figure out their ideal target audience to appraising the success of advertising campaigns, you’ll find that brand tracking slips easily into all aspects of your overall marketing strategy. 


Sadly, these benefits are not enough for everyone.


That’s understandable. Marketers work with the main aim of generating conversion and that’s not something you can really do with a brand tracker – or is it?


This article will zone in on one fantastic advantage of brand tracking: improving conversion rate optimization (CRO). Discover some of the ways—including offering eBooks and other startup resources—you can track your brand to keep pushing your CRO numbers even higher and attract large numbers of visitors to your website. 


How to Improve CRO with Brand Tracking


Figure Out the Best Startup Resources to Offer


If there are startup resources of value on your website, then there’s a strong chance that web users will click through to check them out. 


Take digital eBooks for example. You obviously don’t want to give away all of your secrets in one, but if you write skillfully and knowledgeably about your niche and specialist subject, then you’ve just created a startup resource that other brands can learn from. Such content can position you as a thought leader in your niche. And what are people willing to provide in return for valuable information? Their email address. 


Providing an email address via gated content is an important conversion because it provides you with a way to build a relationship with a consumer and guide them toward purchasing your product.


But how do you know which resources will drive conversion? It’s easy: use brand tracking. When tracking your brand, you’ll have your finger on the pulse when it comes to who are the consumers with the best perception of your brand and better adapt your mind map ideas. You can segment the data to discover the defining characteristics (e.g. age, location, frequent traveler, etc.) of the consumers interested in your brand and generate content that will appeal to them.


Keep Working on Brand Awareness


Every customer journey begins with brand awareness. So, to really facilitate growth and conversions from the beginning, you must begin here. Only when consumers have achieved a good level of brand awareness can you push them further down the sales funnel.


Brand tracking comes into play here. You can use brand tracking software to track brand awareness for your target audience over time. The software can also be used to track brand campaigns so you can see exactly which campaigns are having a positive impact on brand awareness. 


With these insights, you can determine the best campaigns for driving brand awareness and keep running them, or something similar, to achieve your goals. Similarly, you can see which campaigns aren’t working and discontinue them before you burn your budget. To get a better idea of what might work best for you, check out these tips from branding experts.


Making your target audience aware of your brand is a great achievement in terms of conversion. Once you’ve planted this seed in their minds, you should find that people will proactively seek more information about your brand and start their journey toward the ultimate conversion: sales.


Look to Turn Customers into Brand Advocates


Customers who love your brand’s products or services could potentially become your brand advocates. From teaming up with social media influencers to simply offering a referral program for current customers, there are many ways you can create customers who continually vouch for your brand.


Brand tracking data will accurately show you the demographics most in tune with your brand. Using this insight, you can decide which form of advocate would be more appealing to your target audience. 


Once these advocates get to work, they’ll be very persuasive in showing customers the benefit of your brand—and getting customers to purchase from you should be effortless. And you can measure the impact they are having using a brand tracker!


Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and all those big marketing tools are great in helping improve your CRO. However, none of these tools can give you insight into the mind of your target audience like a brand tracker can. Need proof? Work your way through the steps ahead to see the difference it makes to your CRO.

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