5 Sports Brands that Really Nail the Digital Marketing Experience

Sports Apparel Marketing


Several sports brands have been around for many years, meaning that individuals get so used to seeing them that they barely notice when new products are released anymore. Over the past few years though, a number of new sports brands have entered the sports apparel market with fantastic ranges of unique items. Not just the items, but their approach to marketing and branding is on point. Check out these clothing brands that know what they are doing online.


Nothing sets you apart from the rest of the gym and exercise crowd as well as awesome-looking athletic wear. Ranges on offer from this company are manufactured from high quality fabrics that are also antibacterial, extremely breathable, moisture wicking and stretchy enough to provide a comfortable fit.


A scrollable website with a clean and fresh design and ultra fast page load times make it a pleasure to browse and make purchases.


This is a company that spotted a gap in the market with regards to providing high quality sports gear and accessories for anyone involved in any form of martial arts. Items are manufactured from the best quality materials to ensure durability and an excellent fit all round.


The company’s logo is uncluttered, allowing it to stand out fabulously when printed in a range of colors such as blue, purple, red, brown, white and gray on the various pieces of apparel. Navigating this site is also easy and convenient.


This sports brand allows men and boys to look fashionable whether they’re relaxing with friends and family or attending that special event. Crisp, classic designs, colors and prints abound, none of which will ever go out of fashion.


The overall branding, design and layout of this site make shopping and browsing an absolute breeze and this brand’s logo is large enough to be recognizable, while also being small enough to be discreet.


Over the past few years, this has gone on to become one of the most recognized and fastest growing brands in the fitness industry because of the innovative performance wear and accessories that it produces for men and women.


Super fast page load speeds and images that are available with each item allow site visitors to quickly decide what to purchase, while a clear and simple logo makes this company’s products extremely easy to recognize.

Not only Is RYU known for its range of high quality sportswear for men and women; the company provides a unique size up/size down guarantee on their clothing and they have a corporate social responsibility mandate that helps create an inclusive community and raises awareness for various mental health conditions.


This site is extremely quick to load and visitors have an extensive range of practical and attractive apparel to choose from. The company’s logo is attractive and easy to recognize.


While there may be a range of other sports brands on the market, these are definitely worth taking a look at and owning. Not only will you be investing in brands that are going places; research has revealed that if you’re happy with your apparel, you’ll be more likely to exercise regularly.




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