How You Can Take Your Company’s Content Marketing Campaigns to the Next Level

Content Marketing


The marketing world has changed immensely over the last few decades. The time of print publications being the top way that consumers reading their news is over. A majority of people do a large amount of reading online rather than opting to pick up a newspaper or magazine. Digital marketing has made it more important than ever to create top-quality content.


The marketplace is saturated with a variety of content and generic content simply doesn’t garner the traffic that it used to. The days of clickbait are dead and now the need for in-depth content has increased to an all-time high. The following are tips to help take your content marketing campaigns to the next level.


Create Content Ideas Based on Data

Technology has made it easier than ever to collect data on marketing and advertising campaigns. There are even tools that allow brands to find out which pieces of content delivered the most in terms of traffic or social interaction. Content needs to be based on data as this is a great way to help ensure results. A new spin on an old topic is quite common as there is only so much to write about in certain niches of business. Take the time to sit down as an entire team to help come up with ideas for content. You would be surprised how well the staff will be able to suggest topics even if they are outside of the marketing team. It is also a cool idea to think about different ways to monetize podcasts with sponsors from your niche, or with some specific podcast merch. 


Get Influencers Involved

The world of influencer marketing seems to have erupted over the last 5 or so years. There has always been influencer marketing but in recent times it has come to attention. Celebrities like the Kardashians making ridiculous amounts of money for a single sponsored post. The aspect that a company has to keep in mind is ROI as micro-influencers offer a far better return than a worldwide celebrity. These influencers have built a base of trust with their followers. This trust leads to recommendations being more influential to their community. The smaller influencers are not going to recommend a product that is subpar as it would risk the trust they have built. A moderately sized influencer is going to engage with followers at a higher level than that of a Justin Bieber.


Host a Weekly Podcast with Guests

Hosting a podcast has become far more prevalent than in the past. There are plenty of professionals that have made a great living hosting a podcast like Joe Rogan. Businesses can help legitimize themselves if they are new to a specific market by simply inviting the right guest to appear on the podcast. The creation of great content can easily be done through thoughtful conversation on specific topics. An agenda should be set before the podcast as simply rambling is not going to turn a new company into a thought leader on a specific subject. Transcribing these podcasts is equally important as this can help in terms of SEO and make the content searchable.


Social Media Promotion Cannot be Undervalued

Social media is the perfect platform to promote content whether it is written, video, or a podcast. Take the time to ask a question when referring to the content in order to engage with followers. There is an option to promote posts to increase exposure but this should be done carefully. The last thing a brand wants to do is to blast a mediocre piece of content out there for the company’s target demographic to see. The images that are included on social media posts need to be carefully selected. These images can be the attraction to a piece of content especially when posted on a platform like Twitter where captions are limited to a certain number of characters.


Consider Enlisting the Help of a Marketing Agency

Looking into outsourcing your content marketing to an agency can yield results. Finding an agency that specializes in various areas of digital marketing can be wise. Picking a reliable company with years of experience is going to be the best option.


“Agencies already have established contacts in online media. This can increase the reach of a content marketing campaign. Do not underestimate what years out media outreach can do when it comes to having content placed on some of the top publications in the world”, according to Exults Marketing.


Content marketing is going to be a staple of any successful business in the digital age. Take the time to create the best content calendar possible for social media accounts, the company blog, and offsite publications. The consistent generation of quality content is not going to go unnoticed by customers as well as others in the industry. Beat the competition through intelligent marketing that is based on quality rather than trying to game the system.

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