6 Colorful Landing Pages We Can’t Look Away From

Landing Page Tips


You may have heard that you should stick to a specific color palette or try to go with a simplistic look. While this works well for some websites, others benefit from bold bursts of color. If you want to create a more modern, edgier design, then a colorful landing page may be the way to go. You can also choose something a bit different from the rest of your site for a landing page.


Your choice of colors can impact the emotions of site visitors. Choosing a particular hue over another might increase conversion rates. In one peer-reviewed study on the psychology of color, Satyendra Singh found that it takes only 90 seconds to form a first impression, and as much as 90% of that impression is based on color.


For years, people have used red to create excitement. Blue is seen as a color of trust. What becomes truly powerful in marketing is combining bold colors into a gorgeous mix that draws the user into the page. You want your design to stand out from others in your industry.

1. Supremo



Supremo is a UK-based website with modern animations and bold color choices. The use of yellow and purple clashes the tiniest bit, but the unorthodox use of color combinations also grabs attention.


The animations create moving parts, drawing the user’s eye to the bright colors and then the text on the page. There aren’t a lot of other elements to distract from the overall design. When you use something unexpected, you should keep other choices on the page to a minimum.


2. iSpecimen



iSpecimen uses a mix of greens, blues, yellows and geometric patterns to grab user attention. Because they are a science-based business, showing the data points and the lines arcing out from each one helps the user have a sense of connectedness. The design screams innovation and modern technology.


Utilizing a rainbow spectrum of colors allows the user to decipher lines, circles and triangles at a quick glance. The layout helps set the tone for the site and reflects the cutting-edge attitudes of the company.


3. Loopring



Loopring focuses their attention on a brilliant blue. You don’t have to use a bunch of different colors to make an impact. You can keep it to one bright color that sums up everything you want to say. Remember that blue lends a sense of reliability. However, they’ve chosen a brighter blue, which also screams contemporary.


This design also utilizes negative space with the color white to create some unusual patterns and draw the user’s eye. When you land on the page, your attention is drawn to the headline and then the call to action (CTA) to watch a video. As you scroll down the page, you’ll see additional icons and elements in the same shade of blue.


4. First Sip Brew Box

first sip brew box


First Sip Brew Box uses a bold yellow design. Yellow isn’t a color you often see in web design as one of the primary shades, but it works well for a beer site, since many beers have a yellowish cast to them.


The use of black for the CTA button adds a nice contrast against the yellow horizontal bar across the bottom of the page. Notice how carefully they place typography, so it shows up against the yellows and medium-toned browns on the page.


5. Vans


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