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Will we ever be the same again? Businesses are being transformed at this time of the Coronavirus and the economic challenges we now face. This transformation has happened quickly out of necessity and the need for survival however it’s likely to leave a lasting legacy on how we live our lives and run our businesses.


This crisis has created the space for us to reconsider our values and who we really are on a personal level.


For small business owners and entrepreneurs who are currently adapting, it’s time to consider your business operations, your values and your personal brand. What we learn in these challenging times can help set us up for the new world that will emerge after this crisis.


It’s time for us to put humans first in business, to reveal our own personality as the leaders of our brands and how that relates to how we do business. Your brand is not your logo; it’s so much more than a cute icon, font and colors. It’s not even about the clever slogan you use. Your brand is a representation of who you are. For small business owners and entrepreneurs your personal brand and your business brand must work cohesively together.


In this article we will look at your personal brand and how you can use it as a representation of who you are, or who you are becoming. Crisis can often change us, and we have the power to decide who we become.


As we conclude 2020 and start to plan for 2021, it’s the perfect time to assess your personal brand. Much of the planning can be done, even during the pandemic. Working on a personal branding project can be a great way to enjoy life in lockdown. Even personal branding photo-shoots are likely to be okay in your region since they can be done while maintaining social distancing.


We’ve seen an influx of individuals who have become unemployed and are now using their downtime to kick-start an online business leveraging their own personal interests and personal identities.


Below are seven questions to ask yourself when planning your personal branding.


1. What are your goals?

Consider who you are and what you want to be known for. Create a list of all the attributes that should make up your personal brand. Consider how you may be able to communicate those attributes visually through your image. You’ll likely have an intuitive understanding of what you want your personal brand to be however, by listing your goals you’ll be better equipped to communicate your desired message.


2. Where will your photography be used?

Your image is a key component of your personal brand. You’ll probably use your photography on your social media profiles, your website, and any media opportunities that present themselves. It’s worth considering the various formats and styles you may need and have them ready to go. In some instances, a square image will be required and in others, a landscape or portrait may be suitable. If you’re using your photo on your website in a banner you may find it crops differently from device to device. Consider what type of imagery will work across multiple platforms. Put together a list of images you’ll need to ensure you capture everything at your photoshoot.


3. What style of imagery suits you?

You probably have an intuitive understanding of what style of photography will best suit your personal brand. Create for yourself a mood board by taking clippings of sample images you like that you can then show your photographer. That will give your photographer a clear understanding of where you want to go visually whether it be highly corporate or casual. In your mood board, you can include anything you think may be helpful, even samples of color swatches or lifestyle images that reflect something about who you are or want to be.


mood board

Image Source: Science Direct 


4. What is the ideal location?

For some, a highly professional office setting may best suit them. For others, a natural outdoors or urban setting might best communicate the right message. Don’t choose something just because it looks nice, be deliberate about your message be creative. For example, there may be clever ways to bring the outdoors inside to communicate a specific message about who you are.


5. What style of clothing is suitable?

What you wear will say a lot about your personal brand. Your clothing can often make or break your success. Should it be highly professional, edgy, casual, modern, or fun? There are many different looks you could go for so consider how they may best represent your personal brand. If you operate a business with a logo, you may want to use the colors from that logo if they also suit you. What props may also suit your message? I recently saw a business coach who works in time management, in all his speaking engagements he has a pocket watch displayed. Accessories can be a great way to reinforce your message.


6. What makeup and hairstyle suit your brand?

For those that wear makeup on a daily basis, it may be worth getting some professional tips and advice specific to your complexion and desired look. When it comes to photography, the makeup techniques may be slightly different from what you would normally wear so get the experts involved and check the images are suitable before you complete the photoshoot. For those that don’t usually wear makeup (men, I’m talking to you), don’t be concerned about makeup for photoshoots and trust the experts to guide you. Your hairstyle should also be done in a way that is consistent with what you commonly wear so you maintain consistency with your message. When it’s done well, it will look natural and effortless.


7. How should you present yourself?

Your words and your presentation are critical factors for your personal brand. You may have your selfie pout down pat however that might not be quite right for your personal brand. Take a look at your mood board and practice a few poses in the mirror so they feel natural. Practice the way you speak by recording yourself presenting and listen back to how it sounds. You can also search through YouTube to find other business people and entrepreneurs who come across in a way in which you’d also like to be perceived. Practice their presentation style as a full-dress rehearsal in the mirror to see how you can make it work for you.


Next steps…


We trust these questions will help you enhance your personal branding. Of course, to make the most of your brand you need to be seen. By having your personal branding on point, you’ll be ready to take your digital presence to the next level. Digital marketing is a powerful way to get yourself noticed by the right people. Whether it be SEO, social media management, or support with advertising campaigns, we’d love to help you. Contact us today!




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