How To Put Together A Killer SaaS Marketing Strategy

SaaS Marketing Strategy


As the name implies, software as a service (SaaS) is a business model that relies on the licensing and subscription of a piece of an online program. Good examples of SaaS are online grammar checking software, productivity office suite, and file storage.  


Achieving a successful SaaS business model and digital marketing strategy depends primarily on having a great app and outstanding customer service. Once your software provides high-quality performance and service, it will eventually sell itself. However, even before that happens, you need to have people try and use it. And for you to find those people, you need to put together a killer SaaS marketing strategy. 


What Makes SaaS Marketing Different? 

Companies looking to sell SaaS can’t settle for short-term customers. Instead, they need clients who can share a long-term business relationship with them. Once a customer is on board, SaaS companies must maintain constant communication and marketing to prevent churn and convert them into long-term customers.  Know that if a customer churns, it can easily have a significant impact on the company’s stream of income. 


Most traditional companies are transactional in nature. They consider a deal completed after one service call or once their product is delivered. Unlike them, firms offering SaaS concentrate on holding on to people once they become paying customers. To accomplish this, most SaaS companies take advantage of a freemium business model.


However, the freemium model isn’t enough. You still need to, again, market your business and your product. Below are some of the effective ways to create a marketing strategy that will work for you.

Try Search Engine Optimization And Content Marketing Strategy


Almost all growing SaaS companies use content marketing as a growth strategy. To achieve this, you should create many blog posts, videos, and so on, on the topics that your company is an expert with and related to your industry. And you must make sure you apply search engine optimization (SEO) to your content to boost traffic to your site. You should create many blog posts, videos, SaaS links, and so on,


Assume you have a SaaS app for SEO. Write articles covering all aspects of online marketing, encompassing SEO, PPC, email marketing, and social network marketing. These articles can attract leads who are looking for answers and solutions your application can provide them. And the more people you draw in, the more chances you have to convert people into users and customers. 


However, getting traffic doesn’t instantly ensure you that you can convert people. You still have to create a well-planned sales funnel. Make a system that will track and lure in website visitors. Get their email address and make them signup for your newsletters. Or any outbound marketing methods that can let you connect and convince them to use your service or application.


Another effective strategy is to partner with a reliable third party like BCC Interactive to grow your business using effective SEO strategies.   


Apply The Freemium Model 


Products that are highly functional and user-centric lead to solid growth in the market. Rather than using traditional promotion tactics, a product-led growth strategy relies more on human referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. In product-driven SaaS companies, a freemium model is used to generate leads and convert more customers. 


The freemium model is simple. Your app will have two versions: a free one and a premium one. The free version can be accessed and used by anyone. If your product is a simple grammar checker, your app’s free version can provide users with a fully functional proofreading feature.


To profit from users and convert them to paying customers, the premium version of your applications will have added functionalities that they would want. In the case of a grammar checking program, the premium version of the app may contain style, tone, and readability checks. 


Basically, the freemium strategy means limited product access is provided to prospects for a lifetime. However, if they want to use your product to its full potential, customers should pay for it. 


A freemium model consists of three primary types: 


  • Reduced support: Users who sign up for a free subscription don’t have access to customer support or self-help guides and instructions. 
  • Lowered capacity or usage: A storage quota or data limit is set on this model to limit usage. 
  • Limited features: You can use this model to restrict users’ features or limit the improved functionality of existing features. 


Take Advantage Of Social Media 


SaaS marketing has become increasingly dependent on improving social media presence. After all, social media offers lots of opportunities for companies to achieve the following: 


  • Keep in touch with customers directly.
  • Create a feedback platform and identify product ideas.
  • Introduce new products and features.
  • Provide top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) content such as blog posts and videos. 
  • Promote company culture and employees.



Whatever industry your SaaS business is in, you can use the strategies and tactics mentioned above as the foundation for your marketing strategy. No matter how long the process will be for your marketing strategy, remember to keep your eyes on the goal and finally earn your long-term clients for your SaaS software business. 

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