What is NFT’s Role in the Gaming Industry?

nft gaming industry


NFTs are cryptographic assets that represent a real-world object like a video, music, game collectibles, people identities, property rights, or a virtual baseball trading card. These are non-fungible tokens that cannot be traded or exchanged as it has a unique ID that is created for specific purposes. On the blockchain, the metadata contained within each NFT exists as a permanent, unalterable record. This record specifies what the token represents, as well as the token’s ownership history and transaction history, comparable to a certificate of authenticity.


NFTs in gaming

NFT is the emerging trend that has taken the gaming industry to the next level. NFT in gaming lets, users earn money by purchasing and trading in-game collectibles within the cryptocurrency market. The players buy weapons, costumes, characters, etc. through blockchain networks rather than real currency. NFT offer a decentralized gaming environment, which means that the players have full control of the game. The won items or the purchased items in the in-game marketplace in one game are transferable in another. Players of NFT games can sell their assets for profit or can collect until they return crypto rewards from the game without the need to give up any of their assets.


The NFT gaming industry is expanding its horizon by bringing innovative games into the marketplace. The following are the different NFT games that have created great hype among game enthusiasts.


  • Battle of guardians
  • RaceFi
  • Rainmaker
  • Decentraland
  • Axie Infinity
  • Crypto Kitties
  • Sorare
  • Evolution land
  • Gods unchained


How does it work?

NFT games are quite simple to play by collecting in-game assets for profit. The following are the different ways that make NFT applicable to gaming.


Payment of rewards: Players get the real value for the rewards they obtain from games and can easily transfer these rewards to others. This is made possible by non-custodial wallet providers such as Trust Wallet, Metamask, and others, which can be transacted on OpenSea, Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), and other platforms.


Asset: In-game assets such as avatars, characters, weapons, items, lands, or anything else that can be earned or purchased within a particular game.


Identification: Identification and estimation of game items, characters, and game names.



Advantages of NFT in gaming 

  1. In-Game Asset Ownership and Control


Players of NFT games own their assets and have full control of them in a decentralized system. Each of the game items can have a unique identification that will be attached to players’ accounts as long as they own them. The players of NFT games have ownership of their assets instead of game developers. They can save in-game purchases, sell to other players, or move them into other supported games. Moreover, the other benefit of NFT ownership includes monetizing and trading assets on the marketplaces in exchange for crypto or fiat.


  1. Transfer of Ownership


NFT games allow players to sell their game collectibles at any time and get value for them. The buyer becomes the current owner of the game collectibles. Thus, the ownership is transferred to the buyer and it is updated on the blockchain.


  1. Security and Uniqueness


NFT is unique and cannot be duplicated, which makes it a secure platform for gamers. NFT game assets are stored in wallets like Trust wallet and MetaMask. Players will not lose the asset if the game provider shuts down the game because it’s within their wallets. This ensures that your assets are securely stored without fear of theft.


  1. Transparency and Provable Scarcity


The presence and history of ownership are completely unalterable and accessible to the public via blockchain. Additionally, blockchain explorers provide complete transparency and provable scarcity to each game collectibles.


  1. Investment Opportunity


NFT games provide a very good return on investment (ROI) to their users. There’s a huge investment opportunity on the game assets, especially the scarce items that others want and need can result in higher ROI.



  1. Branding and Creativity


NFT is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness as it is displayed on various NFT marketplace. They can also be used to generate new interest and adoption by incorporating new creative elements into designs.


  1. Immutability & interoperability 


Unlike traditional online games where all the in-game purchases made get lost upon the closure of the game. NFT games enable players to make in-game purchases without the fear of losing any single asset. On the other hand, NFT games are interoperable across different environments. For example, two games that are created on the Ethereum network can easily support the same in-game collectibles like vehicles, weapons, or even entire characters.


Future of NTF and blockchain in the gaming industry 

The future scope of NFT gaming will bring a lot of innovation and advancement. Some factors need to be considered to make NFT games more enhanced. It must be made more user-friendly and intuitive to help consumers who don’t have technical skills and knowledge. And because NFTs have intrinsic value, there is a risk that some will be used primarily as speculative assets. This could lead users towards purchasing in-game assets with the hope of selling them for future profit instead of utilizing the assets within the gaming network as intended.


Regardless of these challenges, the advantage of gaining profit within the gaming industry will encourage more non-blockchain-focused brands to practice with NFTs, possibly by forming partnerships with the third-party working on blockchain projects. Furthermore, the enormous success of decentralized gaming apps will almost certainly play a role in catalyzing further NFT infrastructure improvements and driving the development of innovative solutions.


Final words 

The NFT gaming industry is gaining much popularity due to its cryptographic assets. NFT games build using blockchain technology is not limited to gaming purpose but now have become the source of gaining crypto assets that in return offers great investment and profit. The players of NFT games buy, trade, and exchange in-game collectibles with others. NFT games provide a secure platform and ensure that all game items have a unique identification. Moreover, users can have full control over their assets and ensure that they are making the right investment in NFT games that has a greater market value.

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