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If you have recently built a new business website, blog, or even a personal portfolio website, then it will be a good idea to integrate some solutions that will make it easier for your audience to connect with you. The website itself is great for visibility but in order to get the most from the traffic that you are getting you need to be able to interact with the people visiting.


One of the most effective things to do is to share a form or any other method by which the visitors can contact you. However, beyond serving this purpose,  this form can also be used to harness valuable information such as their email address, their business information, and other personal details. When you start scaling your operations and you want to reach out to people directly, the information you have gathered through forms and interactions with customers will help you do this.


Your website is also a fantastic place for the wrong kind of audience to find you. Cybercrime is at an all-time high and with billions of people having access to the internet, there are a lot of criminals that you want to stay safe from. One of the best ways for cybercriminals to take down a website is through techniques such as SQL injections and by uploading files that are infected with malware.


When choosing an uploading solution for your website, you need to make sure you are keeping yourself safe while also getting all the functionality that you need. Here are some of the top solutions to look into.



WordPress is the building block that a lot of developers use, and the majority of blogs on the internet today use this platform. It’s a great product with a reliable team behind it, and the security is also top-notch. The same team behind WordPress also offers a product called WPForms. This product will help you create forms on your website that you can publish directly onto the website or you can share on other supported platforms.


The great thing is that the WPForms also allows you to upload a few different kinds of file types. After all, you don’t want your visitors to just be sharing text. Through WPForms you can have your visitors upload .png files, PDF files, and a range of commonly used file formats.


WPForms also comes with a lot of useful modern features. For instance, to upload things you don’t have to open any new windows you can simply drag and drop. You can set file size limits. You can set file number limits. You can adjust the file size and many other things.

If you are looking for a solution that focuses primarily on images and graphics, but also supports other file types, then is also a great choice. What makes this service different is the range of features that it provides with your uploads. The Bytescale’s Upload Widget also comes bundled with 50GB of cloud storage so you don’t have to worry about uploads taking up space on your server. This cloud-based system also improves how fast uploaded files are shared and presented to visitors through a superior distribution system. There is a detailed Upload dashboard where you can keep an eye on vital stats such as speed, space, processing usage, bandwidth, and other elements of the service. This is a flexible platform that can also be paired with other kinds of applications. If you are developing an app to go with your website, you can use to manage file uploads there as well.


Ajax Multi Upload

If you are a little more technical and don’t mind working with code, then the Ajax Multi Upload tool is also a good option that you should look into. Unlike the majority of applications out there, this one is based on jQuery and is implemented with a shortcode. While this is a reasonably priced option, setting it up can be a challenge. If you want to use Ajax but don’t want the hassle of setting it up, the company can take care of the initial installation at a small additional fee.


The platform provides a very smooth and modern experience as the page requires no reloading to get the application to work. It also provides all the features that you would expect from a top-tier plugin, and more. Ajax also works with a lot of different browsers so no matter where your traffic is coming from, you can entertain them through Ajax.



If you are looking for a solution that will give you more control over uploads and allow you to share certain things with a select audience, then MemberPress will be a great choice. This tool was developed with online courses in mind and focuses on websites that have a membership model. It gives you full access and control over file permissions. If you upload a file into WordPress, you can manage who gets to see it and who doesn’t and it works great for all kinds of paid content.


Similarly, you can set access controls over who can upload files onto the platform. If you have a membership model where members above a certain tier have the right to upload files, then this is the solution for you. It has a complete suite of options ranging from creating forms to managing uploads to managing users and plenty of other things that are necessary for membership-based websites.


Easy Digital Downloads

This is another powerful tool that is focused on e-commerce businesses and allows you to sell any product or service. With this solution, you can easily link your uploads to a wide variety of cloud-based storage solutions and manage your uploads from there.


You can then modify permissions and only allow certain members, or only allow paying members, to download those assets. It also has all the resources you need if you want to make a marketplace within your website.


Having content on your website is only one side of the coin. You also need to look at how you are going to manage that content and how you are going to make sure that the health of your site doesn’t suffer under the burden of this content. There are plenty of cheap or even free plugins that you can use but you may come to regret this when they end up costing your website its performance. It’s better to go with a solid tool initially which is just a plug and play option, rather than a cheaper option, and then have to completely redo your site just to get that one tool to work.


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