How to Conduct an SEO Analysis to Climb SERPs for the Diamond Industry?



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your visibility on search engine results, like Google. This is done by making the necessary changes to your website. This will increase its relevance, popularity, and trustworthiness.


If your business requires an internet presence, especially in the 21st Century, then SEO isn’t something you can ignore. If Google users do 40,000 searches per second, that’s 3.5 billion searches a day. Can you imagine the impact that has on e-commerce?


With well-done SEO, you can rise the search engine results pages (SERPs). And an SEO analysis is the first step to doing that.


SEO analysis will give you the direction you need to improve your website’s content. It will also show you the technical aspects where you improve and give your visitors a better experience. An SEO analysis can show search engines the connection between your content and the visitors’ search queries.


For example, search queries regarding wedding day diamonds proposal rings can lead to your content. And with reliable content, more visitors will choose to check your website.


SEO analysis is practically a requirement if you want to rank higher on the SERPs. You’ll be able to reach more people and accomplish your business objectives. It will help you make informed decisions and strategies, resulting in the wiser use of time and resources.


But how can you effectively do so?


Conducting an SEO Analysis


Scrutinize Your Visibility


Try checking your website’s rank on Google. Are you on the first or second page of the diamond-related results? Check its average position in the SERP.


When you’re starting your SEO analysis, we advise looking at things from a bird’s eye view. Finding how many of your pages are ranked on Google will help you understand your starting point.


Hence, you will be able to strategize better. You’ll know how big the steps you need to take to improve your rank. 


Scrutinize Your URLs and Meta Descriptions


URLs are trimmed down to four or five words that should describe your page’s content. You can opt to edit your URLs if you think they’re too long or irrelevant. That way, search engine bots can understand your content better.


You can also optimize your meta descriptions. Keep in mind that they should include primary and secondary keywords. It should be a comprehensive summary of your page’s content.


Preferably, the meta description should only be two lines long so that users won’t be cut off when reading it on the Google search page.


For example, “find the perfect diamond wedding bands for you and your dearly beloved. Lab-grown diamonds for every occasion”.

Study Your Titles and Headings


Imagine yourself looking through a bookshelf. You brush your fingers across their spines. What’s the first book you’ll take out before checking its summary? Naturally, you’ll gravitate towards the book with an interesting title.


The same logic goes for your pages. Attention-grabbing titles will compel users to click on them. However, being interesting isn’t enough. You need to make sure that your titles and headings have your SEO keywords.


We advise finding a long-tail keyword relating to your topic about the diamond industry. Such keywords are less competitive because high search volume keywords are hard to rank for. This should help increase your chances of being on the first page of search engines.

Check Your Backlinks


Backlinks are also known as inbound links. They’re the link to your website that can be found on other sites. They give off this indication to search engines that your site is trustworthy. This can have a really good impact on your SEO ranking.


Find out who is linking to your business. This is another piece of information that can help you understand what you need to do to improve your search engine rankings. You could also improve your backlinks by doing partnerships.


For example, you can find a site related to diamonds. Let’s say a site by a beauty blogger or a wedding planner. You can write articles about diamond jewelry or proposal rings that include a link from your website. If the article you made was successfully posted on their site, then it would be counted as a backlink.

Scrutinize Your Spam Score


Having a high spam score is not a good thing. This increases when your inbound links come from low-authority websites. This is another reason why it’s important to check on your backlinks. 


To remove any unwanted backlinks, there are two things you can do. The first is to attempt to contact the webmaster and kindly ask them to take down the link. The other method is to disavow the link.

Scrutinize Your Internal Links


Internal linking is a practice where you add links to your website’s other pages. This helps your visitors navigate their way around your various content. It’s also a great SEO strategy that can help improve your search rankings. 


Great user experience, great rankings! It’s a win-win!


Go to your new pages and on your old ones, add the internal links to your relevant pages. In doing this, we advise you to watch out for the keywords and anchor texts. Those also have a great impact on your SEO.

Watch Out for Broken Links


Nothing is more off-putting to a visitor than a broken link. Imagine being very into what you’re reading and finding out that the link you clicked for supplemental research was broken.


A negative user experience can also be a negative impact on your SEO. We advise being vigilant for those broken links on your website.


Fixing those broken links, there are two ways to go about it. The first is to correct them by making sure you spelled the text correctly. The other method is to complete a 301 redirect to a different but just as relevant URL.

Study Your Content


A great title and description are great jumping boards to get visitors interested in your content. However, to retain their attention, your content needs to be even better. Content plays a big role in improving your website’s SEO and ranking. 


If you have any duplicate content on your site, you need to de-index or remove it. That’s because duplicate content is an SEO red flag!


Start by scrutinizing your most popular pages. From there, you can check the smaller posts and pages. This will help make sure that your content is of high quality!

Audit Your Images


Search engine bots can’t crawl your images so they must be optimized with the proper description. Describe what is the appearance and function of your image. 


You can also compress the images to make them smaller. This can help the page to load faster which optimizes the user experience. Website visitors hate it when the images won’t load or if they take too long to do so.


For example, if you’re describing the image of the different types of diamonds, the visitor would want to see the image you have of it. If the image doesn’t load, it becomes frustrating to wait or have to reload the whole page.

Analyze Your Page Loading Speed


The page speed has a big influence on your website’s SEO and your visitor’s overall user experience. You need to be vigilant in keeping tabs on your load speed. Make sure that your website runs quickly.


In the digital age, efficiency and quick-paced methods of getting information to satisfy users best. If you want to test your page loading speed, you can try out Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.



Whether it’s the diamond industry or any other business, climbing the SERPs is important. The traffic that it will generate for your website will be crucial to your business’s success. However, to do that, you need to conduct an SEO analysis first.


An SEO analysis can get you the information you need to strategize efficiently. There are 10 factors you need to look out for in SEO analysis. Those include your visibility, titles, and URLs. Your backlinks, internal links, and broken links are also part of it. Your content, images, and page loading speed are important as well.


Those all influence your page’s SEO and rankings because they also influence the visitors’ user experience. A website that can give visitors what they need efficiently will find itself on the first page of Google.


Remember to always be vigilant for those factors because who wouldn’t want their business to thrive in the digital age?


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