Is Your Marketing Business Going to Survive 2022? Here’s How to Find Out



Today, marketers face an entire landscape of disruption. From the pandemic to new business models, new technology applications and data regulatory changes, many wonder how their company will survive in 2022. Yet, when it comes to marketers, they’re resilient during changes — they aren’t exactly strangers to it. Additionally, you can’t go through a global pandemic without expectations for certain things to change.


That’s why marketing professionals are tuned to adapt, especially when consumers’ preferences constantly evolve. This past year, marketers had to roll with reduced budgets, a shift in digital marketing, and an abrupt suspension of in-person events.


However, as the economy starts to gain momentum, you might be wondering if your marketing business will survive this year. As long as your business adapts to the post-pandemic future, you’ll have no problem thriving.


Here’s what you should be doing in 2022.


1. Purpose Over Features

Businesses no longer exist to gain a profit. Leading brands surpass the competition by having a clearly defined purpose. In fact, one study found that 82% of consumers make purchases from brands that place an intention in their business. To put meaning into action, consider why you’re doing what you’re doing. For example, many startups exist because they have a grand idea and a problem to solve.


Dove is a great example that matches brand purpose with its core product. They’ve created wildly successful campaigns by surrounding its products with beauty and positive body images. Connecting with customers on a personal level is key. So if you can find a purpose that adds value to your clients’ lives, your business will be effortlessly successful.


2. Digital Transformation

Technology plays a key role in modifying business processes, improving customer experiences and meeting changing business needs. For example, automation software can make the payroll process more efficient and save time on repetitive tasks. Reimagining business in a digital way is digital transformation.


If your marketing business is embracing digital technology, it will surely thrive. Digital tools allow you better to understand the touchpoints of the customers’ journey. And rather than removing the human side from your interaction with customers, you can use technology to make interactions more personal.


Depending on what you offer, you may even be able to provide personalized products.


3. Utilizing a Customer-Centric Approach

The most successful marketers understand that their customers are at the center of every decision. To reach customers effectively, you must understand customer segments. Very few companies have one type of customer they address in their marketing. Ensure your business survives by creating customer personas and dividing them into segment groups. That way, your business can target each segment in a specific manner.


Furthermore, customer expectations are high these days. Clients expect a seamless experience from your business once they connect with you. To make these experiences possible, utilize data and technology. Both will help you create a personalized targeting experience when prospective clients interact with you.


4. Marketing Strategies Align With the Customer Journey

Marketing strategies are truly only effective when businesses understand the customers’ journey. This view means taking into account every interaction you have with customers. From the first information someone sees on your website to making a purchase and navigating the post-sales service — every part of the customer journey is crucial.


In fact, 77% of consumers believe poor customer experiences depreciate their quality of life. Therefore, customers who have one misstep in their journey will be less likely to become repeat customers.


5. Marketing Is at the Heart of Growth Strategy

As marketers, it’s easy to point out big data, content marketing, demand generation and engagement. Yet, another integral part of the business is how to facilitate growth. Marketing needs to be at the center of your growth strategy. Anytime you’re investing in a new campaign, you must ask yourself how this helps your company grow. That is how businesses survive because they’re forward-thinkers. And they ensure their marketing strategy supports business growth by:


  1. Thinking beyond the pipeline and tackling innovation, addressing customer experience and ensuring a tactical marketing strategy.
  2. Understanding which markets, products and customers to pursue and which to abort.
  3. Incorporating customer-focused approaches and creating compelling value propositions.

6. Omnichannel Services Reflect a Seamless Experience

How do customers interact with you? Perhaps you use email, social media messengers and chatbots on your website. If that’s so, customers will expect the same quality of service from all your points of contact. Providing a seamless omnichannel experience is key.


When you deliver an outstanding experience on all channels, you create an exceptional reputation for your business. The best way to handle an omnichannel experience is to understand your customers’ channel preferences. Are they actively online, and which platforms do they use most often? Answering these questions will help you learn which channels to engage with your customers.


Once you figure out their preferences, you’ll want to offer immediate and personalized solutions. These proactive strategies will improve customer satisfaction, streamline customer support, encourage brand loyalty and drive conversions.


7. B2B Offers B2C-Like Experiences

B2B businesses are adapting to the changing market by focusing on creating B2C-like interactive experiences. Marketing businesses are finally coming around to the idea that B2B buyers prefer emotional and personal interactions — rather than being treated like a faceless organization.


B2B and B2C slightly intertwine since the service involves building a customer-centric and seamless marketing channel experience.


Grow Your Business in 2022

To grow your marketing business in 2022, you must focus your efforts on creating an unforgettable experience for your clients. Follow these tips and keep adapting to offer a powerful product or service. That’s how you’ll ensure the survival of your business this year.



Eleanor is the founder and managing editor of Designerly Magazine. She’s also a web design consultant with a focus on customer experience and user interface. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dogs, Bear and Lucy. Connect with her about marketing, design and/or tea on LinkedIn or Twitter!

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