Affiliate Marketing For Starters: A Comprehensive Guide



When one of your goals is to make money online, affiliate marketing may be a viable option to monetize your online traffic and supplement your income. 


Generally, it’s a versatile revenue stream regardless of your niche or industry. When you want to give affiliate marketing a try, it’s crucial to know all about the basics to ensure a good start and take your business to a whole new level in no time. 


Affiliate marketing might be one of the best ways to generate passive income online, but it’ll not be successful if you fail to get it right from the start. 


Here are the fundamentals of affiliate marketing for those who are just getting started:


A Primer On Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting and selling the products or services of another company in exchange for a commission. Although it seems a straightforward concept, it typically involves several key aspects that you need to understand to function properly. Affiliate marketing, at its core, involves earning money by selling someone else’s products or services. 


Today, you can find a wide range of options depending on the products or services you want to promote, such as CannAffiliate and others.  


How Affiliate Marketing Works

As previously stated, affiliate marketing appears to be a simple concept that anyone can grasp. Still, there are several considerations you must be aware of to understand how it works.


Affiliate marketing involves a seller establishing an affiliate program and providing affiliates with a special link to market the products or services. Every affiliate marketer has a special link that allows tracking of every successful sale. SubID tracking allows marketers to monitor the performance of individual elements within their campaigns, ensuring precise analysis and optimization strategies.


Once a person clicks on an affiliate link, a cookie is stored on their browser. The cookie’s purpose is to notify the seller who sold a product while the affiliate earns a commission even if the consumer clicking the link doesn’t purchase right away. 


Remember cookies have an expiration date, so a consumer needs to process a purchase before the cookie expires to earn credit for a sale. 


Who Is Involved In Affiliate Marketing? 


In affiliate marketing, you should be familiar with the major players:


  • Affiliates can be individuals or businesses and are sometimes called publishers. Affiliates are responsible for creating content in the same niche as the product or service they’re promoting. Affiliates promote the products or services through blogs, social media posts, and videos, to name a few. An affiliate can also use paid advertisements to drive traffic, but there are some restrictions.
  • Sellers are the individuals or businesses that create the products or services that the affiliates market. A successful sale will result in a commission payment to an affiliate.
  • Networks can be an optional element since many sellers might utilize an affiliate network to ensure seamless management of their marketing schemes. 
  • Consumers are the ones purchasing the products or services via affiliate links. 


How Are Affiliate Marketers Compensated?


Most people want to know how an affiliate marketer is compensated in affiliate marketing. Affiliates typically earn money when a customer performs an action, such as filling out a form, clicking, or purchasing something.


  • Pay-per-sale is the most popular model in affiliate marketing. An affiliate will receive payment for every sale they gain in this payment scheme. 
  • A pay-per-click model compensates an affiliate for the clicks produced, regardless of whether or not a sale was completed. 
  • An affiliate marketer earns money from the leads they generate in a pay-per-lead model.


What Are The Popular Forms Of Affiliate Marketing Channels? 


Affiliates can drive traffic and gain sales in various ways. Remember that some marketing platforms are preferred over others. 


Here are some of the marketing channels worth trying out: 




An affiliate can rank in search engines and drive organic traffic to the offers if you have a blog. It would generally entail promoting the product or service through tutorials, reviews, how-tos, and other highly informative content, which links to the seller’s site via the unique affiliate link.


Influencer Marketing  


Today, influencer marketing is the trend. Influencers wield power or authority over others, particularly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. People pay close attention to what influencers say and are willing to try whatever they promote. Influencer marketing can take many different forms, such as product reviews, live videos, etc.


Email Marketing  


Email marketing plays a huge role in your affiliate marketing efforts. An email list can be a good source of potential sales. 


When creating your email newsletters, it might be best to add your affiliate links to gain better chances of sales. 


What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing? 


It’ll take time and effort to ensure the success of your affiliate marketing efforts. You need to create content and find ways to drive traffic or promote products or services on social media platforms. 


Here are some of the benefits affiliate marketing provides:


Passive Income Source


Aside from content creation and promotion, affiliate marketing can be a source of income at any time of the day, making it an almost passive income option. The best part is that you don’t have to participate in all the processes to make it happen. You can generate a substantial return with minimal effort if you have a procedure.

Reasonably Priced


If starting a business has been your dream, especially one that involves selling physical products or services, you know that you need a substantial amount of money to get started. If you opt for affiliate marketing, it’s an alternative option worth considering and an affordable way to start your own business. As an affiliate, your priority is creating and promoting content.




One of the advantages of engaging in affiliate marketing is its flexibility. 


You’re no longer required to tackle various business-related processes. You have to choose products or services that you genuinely enjoy and believe your target audience will enjoy, create content, and work on the promotions.


Low Risk 


Affiliate marketing is worth considering for those who don’t want to take any risks, especially if an investment is required. As an affiliate marketer, you no longer need to invest in creating or storing products. The only task you need to focus on is marketing the products or services to your followers and paid traffic. 


It doesn’t involve a significant investment, even if you decide to promote affiliate products or services via blogging. Today, you can find many affiliate products and services you can readily promote. If one doesn’t turn out to be what you expected, move on to the next.


Customer Service Isn’t Required


In affiliate marketing, you no longer need to worry about providing customer support for your products or services. It’s a relief for affiliate marketers who want to start a business without worrying about dealing with actual customers.


However, keep in mind that the products or services you’ll be promoting should be high-quality and something you’ll use. Promoting mediocre products or services to your audience to make quick money can harm your reputation. 


With this in mind, carefully select the affiliate products and services you’ll be promoting. 


Essentials To Get You Started With Affiliate Marketing  

If you’re planning to try out affiliate marketing soon, you’ll find a vast amount of information if you research it. Most find the amount of information online too much to handle, while some might already be outdated. If you want to get a good start in affiliate marketing, you must understand the fundamentals.


Choose A Niche


If you want to have a good start in affiliate marketing, the initial step is to decide on your specific niche or vertical, something you’re knowledgeable about or love. Choosing the right niche is critical because it should be something you’ll be known for or establish authority.


Although it doesn’t necessarily mean focusing on only a single product or service, you can become an affiliate for a wider niche. For example, if you choose photography, it may include photography equipment, online courses, and books, to name a few.


Ask yourself what you’re passionate about and something you’ll also buy. This approach is a good place to start figuring out the right niche for you. 


Select A Channel  


Once you have selected your niche or vertical, the next task is to select at least one platform or channel you’ll use for affiliate marketing. Today, blogging is the simplest and most cost-effective option to get started with affiliate marketing. It also works best if you’re eager to create product reviews and comparisons to promote your affiliate products or services.  


You might also consider YouTube as a suitable platform for affiliate marketing. The best part about this popular social media platform is it’s free to create a YouTube channel and upload your videos.  


Instagram is also an option worth considering if you already have followers. You can promote your affiliate products by creating visually appealing images and videos.


Make it clear when sharing a promotion, regardless of your platform. Insert an affiliate link disclaimer with your links. You must link to your affiliate product if you blog and then include ‘affiliate link’ in parenthesis. As for YouTube, include your affiliate link disclaimer in the video description. In your Instagram posts, include the hashtags #ad or #sponsored.


Choose The Products Or Services You Want To Promote  


After selecting your niche and the channel where you’ll showcase your promotional efforts, you need to select the affiliate products or services you want to promote.  


It might be best to go for products by considering your target audience and ensuring you’ll offer top-quality products from which they’ll gain value.  


One way to figure out whether your efforts are on the right track is to consider whether the product or service you intend to market will add value or improve the lives of your target audience. You should also think if a product or service is something that you or a family member would buy.


Be A Member Of An Affiliate Network Or Program 


Being part of an affiliate network or affiliate program can be beneficial since you’ll gain access to brands searching for affiliates and the vital tools you can use to find the right options. Remember that affiliate networks will give you access to a plethora of affiliate programs that you can join.


Create High-Quality Content


At this point, you seem to have everything in place after joining an affiliate network. It’s time to proceed with creating content. 


The delivery of the content you’ll create tends to vary depending on the platform you’ll use to market the products or services, but there are several content types you can depend on: 


Product Reviews 


As a staple, product reviews are one of the easiest ways to get started. When writing a product review, share what you truly like and dislike about the product or service. Remember that honesty is essential for building trust with your audience.




How-to articles and videos are a great way to inform your audience how to use an affiliate product. Generally, tutorials allow your audience to make the most out of the product or service.


Product Comparisons 


When creating product comparisons, you’re going to compare your affiliate product or service with another designed for the same thing and share an honest opinion.


Increase Traffic And Grow Your Audience


Following content creation, you must generate traffic and build an audience that’ll click on your affiliate links. There are strategies you can use to get off to a good start.


Make An Email List 


Make it a priority to build an email list. Offering a lead magnet in exchange for a consumer’s email address is one way to grow your list. It can take the form of a checklist, a free online course, or anything else that provides value to your audience.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 


Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important role in driving organic traffic to your site. The concept behind SEO is relatively simple. The main goals are to target specific keywords that your target audience is interested in, create content around those topics, and ensure that search engines index your site.


Paid Traffic 


Once you start earning, you have the option to reinvest some of your earnings in paid traffic. You can create an ad so it’ll draw visitors to your site. 


Final Thoughts


Affiliate marketing is something to consider if you’re looking for a passive source of income or eager to focus on a niche you’re truly passionate about. 


Now that you have an overview of what affiliate marketing is all about, it might be worth trying out but make sure you’re ready to allot time and effort to ensure you’ll have a good start.  

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