A Comparison of Google Analytics and SEO Market Research

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Would you like to find out why consumers are not buying from you? Or would you like to launch a new product or service and start a marketing campaign? You may be planning to do all these but don’t know what consumers want. To answer your questions, you need to go back to the consumer.


You’ll have to collect data from them and that’s how market research comes in. Thus, market research is the act of assessing the feasibility of a new product or service. That’s how you discover your target market and gather the data to make informed decisions.


Market research is usually carried out by the individual company. The company can also opt to outsource an agency with experts in the process.


A market research project has three main objectives:


  • Social. To meet the needs of the target market through a product or service. The said product or service must satisfy the needs of the consumer.
  • Administrative. It helps to guide a company in proper planning and organization. Including the control of resources. This helps to comply with the needs of the market.
  • Economical. It helps to establish the financial degree of success or failure in the new market. 


SEO Market Research

Search engine optimization and market research are important components of your presence online. This isn’t about the art and science of getting a business in front of the audience. It’s about ensuring that the target audience buys the product.


So where do you show up when you search your company on a search engine? Is it far down the list that it may as well not appear? Well, that’s what consumers also see when they conduct their search. To get good results on a search, you’ll need to be among the top 20.


That’s because most customers don’t bother to go beyond this point. Even being in the top 20 list is too risky. So you need to work on appearing in the top 5.

Note that market research is crucial in every stage of your business’s life cycle. And most of it is geared toward the consumer. So businesses that sell to other businesses must also understand the fears, pain points, and dreams of their audience. This can only be achieved through market research surveys.


B2B market research companies must explore B2B customers’ attitudes and motivations. They must also examine their behavior. This will help to inform strategies for businesses that serve other businesses.


The data collected can be helpful for various reasons including market segmentation. As well as brand development, measuring performance, and understanding the customer’s journey.


Market research will help you to develop SEO strategies to boost your online presence as mentioned. Below are ways in which that can be done:

High-Quality Content


Search results used to be about keywords. However, more emphasis is now being placed on the quality of the content. For this reason, search engines are giving more power to sites that are well-linked and rich in keywords.


This means that the more inbound links you have from other sites, the higher you get ranked. Market research helps with the creation of quality content. Content that customers will find worthy of sharing via email and external links.


In short, a good understanding of your customers plays a key role in the success of your SEO strategy. The knowledge brought by market research leads to higher quality content. As well as relevant keywords. This will take your search rankings through the roof. It will also make you a trusted source of information.

Relevant Keywords


Note that when customers search for you, they are competing with thousands of other web pages. So optimizing your content and site is an important SEO practice. But if you’re not using the right keywords and phrases, your site won’t pop up.


Combining SEO and market research will give you an in-depth look into what information your audience needs. It will also give you insights into how they are looking for that information. This will enable you to build a well-constructed website. You will also get good search results every time customers find you online.

Getting Ahead of the Competition


One of the goals of market research and SEO is to help you get ahead of the competition. This can be achieved by attracting more customers with targeted search phrases. Also, by knowing what the competition is up to.


It’s through market research that you’ll know the keywords that your competitor is ranking well for. That’s how you know the phrases they are focusing on in their searches. You’ll also find out what relevant topics they aren’t focusing on. You can take advantage of this by targeting long-tail keywords.

Google Analytics and Market Research

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that gives you statistics for SEO and marketing purposes.


Companies use this tool to track performance and gather insights from visitors. It helps in determining the top sources of user traffic. Including gauging the success of marketing activities.


As a company, you want to understand your audience. Then use that knowledge to strengthen your marketing strategy. To do this, you need Google Analytics to uncover tremendous amounts of data about your site. This data is what will help you to improve your marketing and development strategies.


There are three areas you must pay attention to when using Google Analytics. That’s acquisition, behavior, and audience:


  • The audience section gives users a large amount of data about website visitors. It also has various subsections that provide data on gender, age, and the location of visitors.
  • The acquisition section gives you detailed data on how visitors arrived on your site. Clicking on the “All Traffic” tab will enable you to know how visitors get to your site. Is it through social media, search engines, or a blog that you contributed to?
  • When it comes to consumers’ behavior, you’ll learn how they interact with your site. You’ll also know what pages are popular on your website.


Paying attention to the three sections helps companies to save time when using Google Analytics for market research. The information found helps in making impactful decisions. You get to understand which marketing efforts drive more web traffic.


Examining these sections also gives you the insights to make smart marketing decisions. These decisions are made concerning the tone, type, and placement of the content on a website.


Google Analytics is a powerful tool for businesses. Paying attention to your audience enables you to create content that you know they’d want. It enables you to come up with a customized relevant site experience for your customers. This serves to keep the visitors coming back for more.



Hiring a full-time digital marketer or SEO consultant will help you to test the value of SEO. With the help of Google Analytics, they will prove the value of SEO for your business.


Now, Google Analytics doesn’t have all the features when compared to other tools. But, it’s free and you only need some patience to utilize its full potential in tracking SEO rankings.

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