How to Grow Your Home Renovation Business?



If you’re considering starting up a home renovation business, there’s no better time than the present. There are many benefits of starting up a home renovation business, from competitive salaries and flexible hours to work with an interesting variety of people. This post will give you some great tips for growing your business.


Create Website and Google My Business Page

A website will give you instant credibility with prospective clients. In addition, it’ll also help you get more followers for your social media platforms. You can also create a Google My Business page, verifying that you are a legitimate business.


Create a Google My Business page and start marketing your services on the web. And remember to check in often and add new business details. You can also create your own Facebook page for your business. This can help you generate local listings in search engines to get more clients.


Here’s an example of where you want visibility.




A website has tremendous value in search engine results because it shows up above the fold. The more local listings you have in the search engines, the better your chances of getting more clients. You can also rank higher when you start ranking for keywords related to your services.


This is because people often type in the business name or service they seek. A website will help you get more clients. This is also because people always visit many websites before selecting the one they will go to and check out the different companies or services on that particular site.


When you create a Google My Business page, it will help you in getting more clients. The main reason for this is that it is linked to google maps and many people search for local businesses on google by searching the name of the business or service they need. So, it’ll be easy to rank your company on top of the search results.


Show Off Before and After Photos on Social Media

After photos show your prospective clients your results, that’s one of the best ways to get them to hire you. With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest at your disposal, there are many ways for you to reach out to your potential customers.


Share interesting posts and images about home improvement tips and other relevant things. Home renovation and remodeling are, by their very nature, a visual industry. This means using social media to show off your work is essential.


The thing that you should do whenever you complete a new job is to show the before and after pictures on social media. Even if you’re not actively marketing your business, people will likely still contact you with new jobs because of your pictures. This will bring you, new customers, so don’t be afraid to show off.


Send Postcards to Prospective Clients

Postcards have a higher conversion rate than almost any other marketing medium, so you should try sending some out to prospective clients. They’re cheap and easy to make, so there’s no reason not to do this.


Just make sure that you use professional-looking postcards for your potential customers. The last thing you want is to get rejected by someone because they think they’ve received an unsolicited postcard.


If you still want to use a more traditional marketing method, make sure you do it effectively. Send out enough postcards to people likely to hire you, and make sure that you send them after meeting with them so that they think it’s for real.


Obtain a mailing list of low-value homes and contact each homeowner to ask them if they need any work done. This will be the more effective way to market your business, but you must be careful that the homeowners are serious. Most people would be very annoyed if they received a postcard from a stranger and thought it was a scam.


Video Reviews from Happy Clients

Video reviews are still one of the most effective ways to market your business. This is because they have a higher conversion rate than any other form of marketing, and people spread them around on social media. Therefore, they tend to get more engagement.


But how do you obtain video reviews from happy clients? The best way is to ask them personally. Tell them you want to get reviews on your firm’s services and ask if they’d like to do so. It’s a good idea to ask your client if you’ll be featured in their video so they’ll feel comfortable giving you online exposure.


You could also offer to interview the customers who give you a 5-star rating on the site if they agree to share the video. This will help you get more traction with your marketing and make it worth your while. Show them why video reviews are essential so they agree to do one.


Individuals could tell them that it’s a very efficient way to promote your business and get in front of more people. You can publish the video on social media by uploading it to the platforms that your prospective customers visit.


Make sure to give them a link on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles so they can publicize the video in their bio. By uploading it to these platforms, you can reach more people and get more engagement.


The same goes for posting them on your website. By adding a YouTube player, you can show YouTube and Facebook users how well you do your work to get more attention for your social media posts.


On your Google My Business page, where the video is published, you can link to your website. It will also be linked to these other social media channels, so more people will visit your website and follow you on different platforms.


Write Blogs

A blog is the best place for people to learn more about your services. It also gives them a better perspective on what you think about your work and any advice you have on similar businesses or in your niche.


Even if you’re not comfortable writing long content, it’s worth it if it means giving some insight into what it’s like being in your position. Blogging is an efficient way to do this because it doesn’t require much work.


You can create a blog explaining your services and how to use them so that people are more likely to hire you the first time. You could also give them valuable tips or tricks they can only find when they look at your website.


If you aren’t sure where to start with your blog, check out other blogs in your niche and see what they have said about their business. You can also search for other blogs in the same niche and see what they are writing about. You should keep this post updated daily, so it’s always fresh and new.


Provide Great Service

This is by far the best way to get more clients. If you provide excellent service, people will think of you whenever they need home improvement work. And if you’re already known for providing great value to your customers, more people will stick with you as their home improvement contractor.



There are plenty of techniques that you can use to market your business. You must put some effort into doing it and be creative enough to think of new methods.

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