Top 10 Tips to Get 100k Plus Traffic on your Website

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You know you’re a marketer when you sit in a car on the highway, it’s all scary, and all you can think about is, “Why can’t I drive traffic to my site like this?”


According to the survey, 63% of business professionals face the challenge of finding staff with sufficient experience in content planning, which is one of the main drivers of website traffic.


Between writing a new blog post, collecting WooCommerce donations, posting on social media, and setting up a new email campaign, it’s hard to look back and see what drives traffic to your ‘ websites and what not.


The list below will help you increase your website traffic, generate more leads, and increase your ROI.


#1. Target topics with search traffic potential

Undoubtedly, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to achieve permanent and long-term results. As long as you rank high on Google, you can generate consistent traffic to your website.


To do this, you need to write about topics that people are judging. In another: the subject is trade. Prioritize your list of issues by focusing on those that build your value (the topic that makes your product or application most important to solving a problem it’s established).


#2. Organic Social Media

Native social media is not a new strategy, but marketers should look into it. In addition to posting to social media, you can also use Instagram Stories (hello, swipe up feature!), Live Video, IGTV, or Facebook Messenger. The key to traditional social media is the early adoption of new features.


It’s also essential to have a diverse social media strategy and use the right social media platforms, not just Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Platforms like YouTube or Pinterest can generate more traffic to your website.


#3. Answer questions on Quora

Quora is a Q&A site where anyone can ask or answer a question. This means you can answer questions in your niche, build your authority, and generate traffic for your website along the way.


Finding the right questions is essential. This is because Quora is a human-powered site, meaning thousands (if not millions) of people ask daily questions.


If you want someone to read your answer, add it to their story, and then click Vote or Share, you must make a secure copy. Luckily, there are text editors that make this task easier.


Quora moderators will not hesitate to delete your answer (or ban you) if they think you are only here to pump traffic to your site. They will be happy if you link to something else if you are critical. Most of Quora’s answers are tedious and very confusing. Storytelling helps keep the reader interested.


#4. Work with Influencers 

We know that customers are more likely to buy from the organizations that are talked about the best, but how do you create the best word of mouth? First, make your customers happy. Second, work with active people.


Influencer marketing is not a process. It’s a budget for driving traffic to your website. When advertisers post discount codes, links, reviews, or giveaways, you connect with their audience to traffic to your website.


#5. Post native LinkedIn articles

The world’s largest professional network is an essential social media platform in its own right, which means you should be posting content regularly on LinkedIn. This can increase traffic to your website, increase the number of visitors to your LinkedIn business page, and boost your reputation in your industry. And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – write a picture on a recent topic or reuse what you’ve already written.


#6. Get interviewed on podcasts

Podcasts are quickly gaining popularity in Australia and the US. Hosting your podcast or participating in someone else’s podcast can be a great source of online traffic. A backlink also increases the credibility of your website. Review all podcasts relevant to your industry and reach out to the show to request an interview or article for an event.


#7. Start an online community

People want to have their say and their say on topics they are passionate about, so building a community on your site is a great way to start a conversation and increase traffic. Implement a solid feedback system using third-party solutions like Facebook or Disqus comments, or create a dedicated forum where visitors can ask questions. However, remember to manage your community to ensure that the minimum standards of behavior are met.


#8. Transcribe & repurpose your videos 

About 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day. Most of these videos happen on mobile devices, and one study found that 85% of them are viewed without sound. Upload your videos to an inexpensive service like Upload your Facebook square video with captions, upload your social media video to YouTube, and then go further. Copy the translation into a blog post with an embedded YouTube video. This will improve your video and give you a YouTube backlink and more keywords in the text for a rich SEO website.


#9. Have a resource center

Videos and blog posts aren’t the only types of content you should create to educate your audience and build trust. Don’t forget white papers, downloadable guides, tutorials, webinars and more. As you develop these lead magnets and use them elsewhere on the web, collect them on the resources page. A library of social media content will surely attract visitors who will return to your site.


#10. Improve your page speed

Have you ever found yourself waiting thirty seconds for a web page to load? So do I. If your website takes a long time to load, your ranking will be higher. Speed ​​has always been a ranking factor; now, it’s more than refreshing pages. Make sure your pages are as user-friendly as possible, including file sizes, page structures, and third-party plugins: the faster your site loads, the better.



Internet marketing is crucial if you want to be successful online. There are many ways to get more visitors, but not all of them work. You must focus on creating shareable content, building relationships, and tracking results to achieve conversions.


By following these tips, you will be able to generate the traffic you need to be successful. What are your favorite traffic growth strategies? Let us know in the comments below.


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