The Most Effective and Innovative Link Building Strategies in 2022

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Are you new to SEO or have just initiated a new business? High-quality link-building is one of the most imperative SEO criteria that help determine website rankings on Google and other search engines.


  • According to current SEO statistics, 66.31% of web pages have no backlinks. Also, it has been observed that 26.29% of sites have backlinks from 3 or fewer websites. This shows how much businesses need to focus on this marvelous strategy that will help them rank their sites better.
  • 65% of web marketers feel that creating a link-building strategy is the most difficult part of SEO.
  • More than 60% of businesses hire professional experts for link-building marketing strategies.
  • 69% of businesses feel they can enhance their search rankings using link-building strategies. Regarding the quality and quantity of links, SEO professionals showcase various preferences. A substantial 56.2% advocate for a balanced approach.
  • 83.2% of surveyed experts believe that the impact of link building on rankings and traffic can be seen in two weeks or more


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Link building helps in:


  • Improving your site’s search performance. It ranks its relevant pages with target keywords.
  • Helping in building your brand authority.
  • Since it connects your site to currently relevant and authoritative websites, it highlights your website’s authority to search engines.


Here we will discuss the top link-building strategies that can help you improve your website rankings in 2022 and beyond.


What is Link Building, and Why is it Important?

Link building is a procedure wherein your site gets backlinks from other sites. This strategy is great for achieving a higher ranking for your site in search engines. If your webpage has many high-quality links, it signifies to search engines that it carries trustworthy content and will attribute a higher position to your page in the search results. The biggest benefits you derive from link-building are that you get a lot of traffic, and your site will be indexed faster and known as a reliable source of information.


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Reasons why High-Quality Link Building is important:


  1. It helps enhance your company’s authority which will help attract more backlinks.
  2. It creates a unique identity for your brand so that readers recognize your brand.
  3. Linking real metrics and authentic stats in the blog builds user and search engine confidence. This increases your site’s ranking as you have built a valuable information-sharing link structure.
  4. Redefining content improves your website’s crawling ability and enhances your search lists.


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The Most Effective and Innovative Link Building Strategies in 2022

Here are the most reliable link-building strategies that you can follow in 2022 to enhance your site’s rankings.


Guest Blogging


Guest posting is not a new tactic, but it is essential in identifying relevant blogs in your niche and contacting them to see if they accept articles.


In general, you would give these websites some ideas for blogging topics. If one of your topics gets approved, you can construct your guest post with your URL in the article, which helps you in creating a powerful backlink for yourself. Target websites with high domain authority to follow this great strategy.


Audience-centric guest blogging focuses on posting external content and relevant stats of the audience’s interest, which will eventually help you create your target persona. To create an effective guest blog, you must consider the following points:


  • Set a specific objective and look at topics that can be of your audience and benefit your business in some way or another.
  • Look for the best websites you can use for your content backlinks. Make sure they have authorized websites with verifiable content and speak of something positive.
  • Write the blog well, keep it SEO-enriched, share it on several platforms, and track the metrics over time.


Skyscraper Campaign


This is quite a simple strategy in which you must research some already successful blogs with high-quality backlinks. You can then create a bigger and better version of the content by embarking on an outreach campaign. This technique will help you attract links, reduce your risks and increase your chances of success.


All you need is thorough research of the blog posts that rank well, post that content to your site, and then encourage those linking to the original content to link to your finer content instead.


Local Link Bait Strategy


This is quite an important link-building strategy that will help you incorporate new leads to your website and assist your local business to rank higher on search engines using relevant industry keywords in their city or location.


This is an evolving technique for building local links by writing content featuring the best brands in your city. For example, if you run a salon – So the topic could be the “Top 10 Salons in your city”. This strategy helps you gain more exposure and promotes your business across several networks.


Resource Page Link Building


Another scalable link-building strategy is to get backlinks from web pages that link to useful industry resources. You can create the content yourself, which can be in the long form of an industry guide that educates your target audience on a given topic. Make a list of all resource or link pages by decrypting all pages linking to a similar content resource. You can use Google Search to find available pages of current resources.


Adding a resource link is a win-win situation as the resource sites look for business websites that can link their verified, resourceful, and acclaimed information. This also has immense benefits for your webpage, as these links can enhance your rankings well.


Expert Roundups/Interviews


Expert summaries/interviews can be a great way to ask professionals for their opinion on a given subject. You can combine all the exceptional and informative content into an expert summary article. Although the experts may not mark the interview on their sites, you can give them a backlink to the interview so that they can post it on their websites. An expert roundup is a great way to highlight blog posts, and your chances of going viral increase exponentially.


  • The interviews should be based on a topic that revolves around your brand, business, products, or services.
  • Choose an influencer who has already established a mark in social media.
  • You can request the interviewer to share the interaction link on their social media platforms to enhance exposure and awareness of your webpage.


Scholarship Link Building Program


Google favors websites that contain reliable sources of educational information that help promote a scholarship and encourage educational institutions with .edu domains. Linking to these sites further enhances your website’s overall SEO value.


Google loves to elevate sites that promote educational and scholarship content. This is also vital information shared with the audience.


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Link Reclamation


Link reclamation is back-linking those specific websites that list your business without linking to your page.


You contact them and ask them to list your links. Corporate sites can greatly benefit from this link-building strategy.


If your site becomes more popular, you will attract the attention of more bloggers and publishers, and your product will receive more awareness. You should filter web listings and set aside keywords that only speak about your website.


Strategic Content Partnerships


Co-marketing is a great link-building strategy to gain more reach as you rely on the authority and following of other people to achieve your business leads and sales. One way to use co-marketing is to exchange backlinks with similar industry blogs. The best blogs in the business naturally exchange backlinks to each other’s articles without manipulation and connect externally as they know their readers better and learn about businesses through links to their articles.


List all blogs in the industry with similar domain authority and gain mutual benefits when you start exchanging links to each other’s articles. When done correctly, this strategy can help you get more backlinks simply by partnering with industry blogs.


Broken Link Building


When looking for resource pages, you often see that some of the links listed here are not working properly, which means it is a broken page. You can start by adding notes to your spreadsheet of any broken links you find on the links page and quickly check source pages for dead links. Then let the webmaster know about these broken links when you contact them asking them for a replacement which is your resource guide. Since you’re helping webmasters fix technical errors, you can expect an increased response and link placement rates with a broken link-building strategy.




Using High-quality infographics from other websites and linking them to the source can make acquiring backlinks a great strategy.


You must also start by optimizing your images by attributing friendly names and alt attributes to ensure that they appear in Google Image Search. This increases the chances of these images being found and used by other sites. You can target other sites with high domain authority that show interest in your infographic to make linking to your site easier and improve your website’s domain authority, improving your website’s overall SEO value and search engine visibility.


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Final thoughts

Link building is crucial for your website rankings, irrespective of the growth of your competitors and your particular niche. High-quality link building helps improve your domain authority and establish sound connections with other websites. Back-linking is a long-term process that you must continue to develop.


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