The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Logo for Your E-commerce Business

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When you think of popular brands like Apple, McDonald’s, Budweiser, and Amazon – what comes to mind first? For many, the answer is their iconic logos. 


A company’s logo serves as the foundation of its brand identity. When done right, brand logos can become an invaluable marketing asset that make the first impression and draw more customers to your business. 


Let’s look at how a strong logo can contribute to the success of your e-commerce store. 


The importance of a strong logo for your e-commerce store 

E-commerce stores have become popular among customers because of one core reason – they’re convenient. One of the many benefits of ecommerce is that it offers the freedom of choice, which means that customers get to choose from thousands of options, compare prices, and buy products, all from the comfort of their homes. 


Even though building its own online store has become more accessible than ever  , this also makes e-commerce a competitive space. An abundance of choices means you’ll have to try hard to set yourself apart from the competition and be seen by customers. A strong brand logo can be a great asset in this regard. 


Well-designed brand logos help your e-commerce business in three key ways:


  • Communicate your brand values to customers. 
  • Help you establish a strong and credible online presence. 
  • Serve as a visual reminder that makes your brand instantly recognizable. 


Furthermore, logos can help foster brand loyalty and play a crucial role in customer retention. Customers are more likely to stick with brands whose values they recognize and can identify with. That makes it important for e-commerce brands to reinforce their core values with customers in every possible way. 


So how do you design a brand logo that is simple, effective and an apt representation of your brand values? Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind. 


Dos of creating a logo design

Here is a list of essential things to do while designing your brand logo.


logo design tips


Keep it simple 


Simple designs work best when it comes to brand logos. You shouldn’t risk alienating the customers by including complicated graphics and vague references that confuse them about what your company is and what it does. For instance, if you own a tech business, it would be wise to include visual elements in your logo that refer back to your business, like the outline of a computer or a piece of binary code. 


Choose the right colors 


Every color palette used in a graphic design corresponds to certain values and emotions. For example, female skin care and hygiene brands can incorporate a combination of white and pink in their logos because these colors are synonymous with feminine values. Similarly, fast-fashion brands like H&M use bright colors in their designs to elicit feelings of freshness and youth in customers. 


Keep it mobile-friendly 


This tip is especially helpful for e-commerce businesses that expect a majority of their customers to visit them through mobile phones. You should incorporate responsive images in your website logos. Responsive logos are logos that change shape, size, color, etc. This will help ensure your customers see your logo correctly, irrespective of the screen size. 

Include images or icons 


This is about using the picture superiority effect – a psychological phenomenon that makes humans recognize pictures better than words. Including images or icons in your logo can help customers recognize and remember it much better than text-only logos. Some of the world’s leading brands, like Apple and Nike, often opt for picture-only logos!

Don’ts of creating a logo design

Here is a list of things to avoid while designing a logo for your business. 

Do not copy other brands 


Copying other brands, especially well-established ones, can harm your brand image. A copied or borrowed logo design will make your brand look inauthentic and by extension, untrustworthy. If you copy a well-known brand, chances are customers will regard you as no more than a cheap knock-off. 

Do not rebrand too quickly 


Customers need time to become familiar with your brand and its logo, and Rebranding too quickly can confuse and alienate them. It is wise only to rebrand when it’s absolutely necessary for your brand image or business operations. 

Do not select the wrong font 


Like color palettes, fonts are associated with values and emotions. For example, a simple, monospaced font like Times New Roman is better for a business periodical. Younger, urban brands can experiment with other fonts like Comic Sans, and using the wrong font can affect customers’ thoughts. 

Do not ignore small details 


Attention to detail is crucial in graphic design, especially if it’s fundamental to your brand logo. Brand logos are expected to be printed and displayed on screens and surfaces of all sizes. The smallest mistakes and discrepancies can be accentuated on certain screens, making your company look shoddy and unprofessional. 


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