Content Marketing Case Studies: Successful LinkedIn Campaigns

LinkedIn Case Study


LinkedIn has evolved into an effective platform for B2B content marketing and generating new business leads. With over 722 million users worldwide, LinkedIn provides access to a massive professional audience. Successful brands have leveraged LinkedIn’s unique capabilities to drive engagement, boost awareness, and generate leads through creative content marketing campaigns. This article will examine some real-world case studies of impactful LinkedIn marketing efforts.


Key Takeaways


  • LinkedIn is suitable for companies to share. They can show videos, photos, and stories. This helps people learn about and like the company.
  • Some companies did well on LinkedIn. Their posts got lots of views. People liked seeing the workers.
  • Companies should try different kinds of posts. See what works best.
  • Use LinkedIn along with your website and emails. Don’t use LinkedIn alone.
  • Put effort into your LinkedIn. Then, it can help your company connect with people.

Leveraging LinkedIn’s Built-In Features

LinkedIn has good tools to help companies share content. These tools make it easy to connect with whom you want to reach. Using the tools smartly can help more people see and interact with your posts.


Case Study: Moz and LinkedIn Elevate


Moz, a leading SEO software company, wanted to maximize the reach of its educational SEO content. They focused on leveraging LinkedIn Elevate, a program that shares brand posts with a select group of followers who are prompted to like, share, and comment.


Using Elevate helped Moz a lot. Their LinkedIn page got 56% more views. They got 15,000 more followers in 2 months. This easy step lets Moz reach many more people who care about SEO.


Case Study: Adobe and LinkedIn Sponsored Content


Adobe wanted more people to know about their marketing tools. They put ads on LinkedIn that looked like regular posts but said “sponsored.” The ads targeted people who decide what tools a company uses.


In just six months, 15 ads got 46,000 clicks and 4,700 leads for Adobe. Almost all of the leads looked at a demo. It shows that matching ads to the right audience works well. The ads looked natural on LinkedIn. People were more likely to click and learn about Adobe’s tools.


Optimized LinkedIn Company Pages

Optimizing brand pages on LinkedIn by adding rich media, employee spotlights, and more can significantly increase engagement. Companies that invest in their pages reap the benefits.


Case Study: Boeing and Company Page Content


Boeing makes airplanes. They saw their LinkedIn page was boring. It needed photos, videos, and news. Boeing added pictures of workers and planes. They put up videos and links to news stories.


In just two months, 25% more people followed Boeing’s page. People liked the new photos and videos. Engagement went up 95%.


The new stuff made Boeing’s page better. More people saw and shared it on LinkedIn. The changes helped Boeing connect.


Case Study: AdRoll and Spotlighting Employees


AdRoll wanted people to see who works there. They showed staff photos and stories on LinkedIn. Each week, they featured one worker.


They put a new person in their cover picture and page posts. It lets people meet the AdRoll team.


In one quarter, engagement went up 336%. Followers liked seeing AdRoll’s culture. Putting workers in the spotlight made AdRoll seem real.


Other companies seem impersonal. Employee features help build trust. AdRoll gave a glimpse inside to connect with people.


Customized LinkedIn Content Campaigns

Some brands have found immense success by developing custom content campaigns tailored to the LinkedIn audience and distributed through multiple channels.


Case Study: Oracle and Their LinkedIn Ebook


Oracle makes software. They wanted to share smart ideas with people who buy tools for work. They wrote an ebook called “The Modern Marketer.” They put ads on LinkedIn to get people to see the ebook.


In one week, over 5,000 people downloaded the ebook. But Oracle did more. They split the ebook into 30+ posts on LinkedIn. They reused the content in the posts. It lets them reach double the people. Turning the ebook into posts was creative. It helped Oracle’s ideas spread further.


Case Study: Drift and Video Marketing


Drift, a conversational marketing platform, wanted to engage its audience by sharing videos on LinkedIn. They recorded short product demos, customer testimonials, and behind-the-scenes footage.


The video drove exponential engagement growth for Drift. Their videos averaged 48,000 views each, significantly increasing over their standard posts. Leveraging LinkedIn’s preference for rich media allowed Drift to capture attention in the crowded B2B space.


Crafting Compelling LinkedIn Posts

Posts should share helpful tips, data, or advice – not just promotions. Spark discussion by asking for opinions on popular industry topics. LinkedIn is about connections, so highlight employees with posts on promotions, anniversaries, awards, etc. Share sneak peeks of upcoming products or content to build excitement. Use visuals like images, charts, and videos to make concepts easy to digest and get more attention. Follow tips to create compelling updates people want to view and share.


Executing a LinkedIn Campaign

To maximize impact, you have to:


  1. Set goals and metrics for impressions on LinkedIn.
  2. Make targeted, valuable posts that align with those goals.
  3. Share diverse content types like articles and videos.
  4. Use tools to automate and schedule content.
  5. Promote posts everywhere to amplify reach.
  6. Listen and engage in relevant conversations.
  7. Analyze data, test content, and keep optimizing.
  8. Execute strategically to achieve your LinkedIn goals methodically.

Crazy Facts

  • LinkedIn has over 722 million members. That’s almost 10% of all people in the world!
  • Members post lots of content. There are over 130,000 company pages. Members share more than 13 million articles and videos each week.
  • The site gets lots of activity. LinkedIn members conduct over 10 million searches each day.
  • People spend time on LinkedIn. Members average 25 minutes per visit on mobile. For desktop, it’s even longer at 45 minutes.


LinkedIn is a good place for businesses to share content and connect. Companies have done well using LinkedIn’s built-in tools. These tools help people see and interact with posts. Companies should customize their page and posts for LinkedIn. Show off your employees and company culture. Make content just for LinkedIn users to get their attention. Follow tips to make good posts people want to read and share.


FAQs about Successful LinkedIn Campaigns


Should I use hashtags on LinkedIn posts?


Yes, relevant hashtags help people outside your network find your posts in LinkedIn searches. Just don’t overdo it. Stick to 1-2 branded and industry-related hashtags.


How do I measure the impact of my LinkedIn efforts?


Track views, likes, comments, shares, followers gained, and lead generation forms to quantify engagement. Use LinkedIn’s analytics to identify your best-performing updates and types of content.

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