Automotive Marketing

Growing an automotive business is not easy. Let us help you cut through the online clutter with our automotive marketing solutions.

Whether you’re an automobile dealer, manufacturer or parts distributor, you need a strong web presence if you are going to successfully promote your business. At Brandignity, we serve clients in the automotive industry, helping them with all of their marketing and automotive SEO needs effectively and affordably.

Our services are ideal for the following:

  • New & used car dealerships
  • Automotive consultants
  • Mechanic shops
  • Tuning Shops
  • Window Tinting Shops
  • Stereo & audio businesses


Owner – Shift Innovations (Automotive Tint Company)

When I started looking for a company to do my SEO I asked almost everyone I know who does theirs. Maciej was recommended to me by someone I trust very much. I contacted Maciej at Brandignity and he always got back to me in a timely matter. He was willing to walk me through every step of his process to help me. Something I feel very few companies are willing to do. I knew SEO takes time but I started seeing real results in only about 30 days. Very happy I was able to find a company I can truly trust for my Internet marketing. Business has been getting better each month since I started working with Brandignity.

Automotive SEO

Brandignity is proud to be a white hat automotive SEO firm. What this means is that we use techniques that follow all search engine rules and policies while also focusing on appealing to a human audience.

We do this through a number of different methods including performing keyword research and providing relevant content for your website or blog. Our goal is to help you get recognized by search engines, thereby resulting in increased visitors to your site. Since these visitors can eventually turn into customers, everyone wins.

Local Automotive SEO

Getting traffic to your website is good, but getting local traffic is even better. Since most of your customers come from your immediate geographic area, having lots of web traffic won’t necessarily help you if the visitors are too far away to visit you in person.

Local SEO is the process of targeting your automotive marketing efforts towards attracting people in your area.

This involves using special keywords, targeting web directories, and registering your business with services such as Google Maps. The result is that you should notice more visitors from your immediate area, thereby increasing your local customer base substantially.

Automotive Digital Marketing

Another way for you to stay ahead of your competition is through the use of automotive marketing that takes advantages of electronic devices such as computers, smart phones, and tablets. At Brandignity, we offer automotive digital marketing services that will help you take advantage of social media, use pay-per-click advertising, kick off an email campaign, or use mobile apps to capture your audience.

Use the services that best fit your company’s needs in order to attract online attention and eventually turn that attention into real traffic coming right through your front door.

Reputation Management

These days, it seems like everyone is checking online review sites before visiting a business in order to find out what other people’s experiences are. This can be devastating for a business that has even one unhappy customer, especially if that customer chooses to undergo a smear campaign. Automobile dealers can be especially affected by negative reviews because many people are unwilling to do business with a dealership that has a less than stellar reputation. If you’ve been affected by negative reviews, Brandignity can help you engage in an automotive digital marketing campaign that will help you reduce the impact these reviews have.

Attracting customers to your website is especially important for those in the automotive industry. It requires a well thought out plan that is carefully executed in order to improve website ranking and show your company in a highly favorable light. The good news is that you don’t have to undergo this task yourself because Brandignity is experienced and reputable, providing successful results for dozens of other businesses just like yours.

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