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Local onsite SEO, local citation marketing, blog writing & social media

Time Frame

January 2013 – November 2014 | May 2015 – Present

Company Background

Salon Invi is an upscale hair salon located in Andover, MA which is just outside Boston. They offer a variety of cuts, colors and products for both men and women.


The greater Boston area is home to many hair salons and beauty spas. Being located just 15 minutes outside of the city the search results were quite busy for many of their local key phrases they wanted to target.

The site also had the following issues:

  • Very few local links pointing to the site
  • Very few local rankings
  • Blog was not update frequently
  • No real inbound marketing strategy in place
  • Service pages were not broken out
  • The site was 100% un-optimized

SEO Strategy

Our SEO approach consisted of a few different elements. First, we conducted extensive keyword research to really understand how it is that people search online for Salon Invi’s services. Once we narrowed down a shortlist of keywords we wanted to target we added local variations to the phrases and used them in certain areas of the site. We optimized the local aspect of the site by incorporating an address more frequently into the site structure along with custom written meta data and content for each page. We also optimized all the images by changing page file names and alt tags while recommended SEO friendly URL structures. What we were left with was an SEO friendly website ready to climb the organic search ladder.

We also conducted an offsite SEO marketing approach that utilized Google safe link building practices. We launched press releases, wrote unique articles, engaged in active blog commenting, local citations, business directories, and also niche business directories. For a content strategy, we came up with various topics their audience would like to read about. We then wrote optimized content and leveraged those blog posts through all social media channels including Google+. I mention Google+ because we made a focus on getting happy customers to leave positive reviews on their business page which tremendously helped with the local rankings aspect.


Before onsite SEO work

  • 1 ranking in first position
  • 2 keyword in top 3
  • 4 keywords on page 1

After onsite SEO (30 days)

  • 9 keywords in position 1
  • 13 keywords in top 3
  • 19 keywords on page 1

Current Keyword Rankings

  • Ranked 1st – 54 keywords
  • In top 3 – 72 keywords
  • Top 10 – 97 keywords
  • Top 100 – 110 keywords

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