Whether you have a commodity or a niche consumer product you will need a laser targeted online marketing approach. Let us help.

When you enter the crowded business of the consumer product industry, having a strong online marketing campaign is the best way to succeed. Brandignity’s online marketing strategies will make your product not only land on the first page of search engines like Google, but it will also help it become a household name. With a strong consumer product marketing plan, your company will beat out the competition of your consumer product.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

p>One of the important aspects of Brandignity’s consumer product marketing campaign is product SEO. Through strong SEO practices, including local product SEO, pay per click, and link building services, your website will continually rank high in SEO, landing on the first page of Google and other search engines.

The Brandignity staff continues to be aware of all changes in search engines so that your page constantly remains a top ranked page in the consumer product industry. Before long, your company will become the household name associated with your product. Whenever consumers search for a product like yours, they will find your website first, increasing your sales.


Brandignity’s consumer products marketing solutions include more than just product SEO. To remain a top ranking website, you must have a comprehensive internet presence. Brandignity’s online product marketing includes proactive marketing, top-notch content writing services, full website conversion audit, and content integration marketing.

Through having a strong website, you will strengthen your SEO rankings. Additionally, consumers will learn more about your product and feel more confident choosing your product over that of the competition. With a strong website, you can create more appeal for your product, persuading customers to choose you over the competition.

Social Media

Another important aspect of consumer product marketing is social media.Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others enhance your SEO rankings through heightened social chatter. Additionally, they provide a place to interact with your customers, improving brand loyalty.

Social media platforms also provide excellent opportunities to provide customers with coupons and other deals, enticing them to return to purchase more of your products. Social media particularly enhances new product marketing. You can gain a large online buzz about a new product before it hits the market, providing for a strong release.

Marketing Plan

Brandignity’s comprehensive consumer product marketing centers on providing a customizable marketing plan. Through working with your company, including your goals and budget, a comprehensive online product marketing campaign is born. Brandignity services include product SEO, mobile app marketing, strategy design, reputation management, email marketing, and consulting. Whether you want to reach a local market or sell your product globally, Brandignity’s marketing strategies will catapult your product above the competition. Through having a stronger online presence than your competition, you can have a larger market share.

The strong online marketing campaign provided by Brandignity strengthens your online presence, including providing high SEO rankings. Consumers will become aware of the product or products offered by your company, boosting your sales. In today’s global market, a strong online presence and high SEO rankings is the only way to beat the competition.

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