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As a dentist, you have a lot of online competition. Our online strategy can help your practice stand out.

As a dental professional, you know that marketing your services must include an extensive online strategy, one that directly targets your identified market. We offer expertise in creating the tools – like websites, SEO strategies and social media tactics – that will form the basis of such a strategy, designed to meet your clear-cut needs in dental marketing.

The hub or central core of an Internet marketing strategy designed to promote a dental practice is a well-designed, intuitive, easy-to-use website. A website is the virtual version of a dental practice; it creates the first impression a potential client has of a dental firm and its dentists. Would-be clients have extraordinarily high standards when it comes to evaluating websites. eMarketer reports that 86.6% of American small businesses identify their website as their most important online marketing tool.

A dentist’s website should:

  • Be intuitive. A website must be easy to use, or potential clients will simply click away – in seconds.
  • Incorporate video. Internet retailers reports that 90% of online shoppers describe video as “useful.”
  • Feature an informative, engaging blog.
  • Prominently feature information about the dentist’s education and achievements, so as to foster client trust.
  • Have text written in a style that is indicative of a commitment to quality, and that is SEO savvy.
  • Be interactive, giving would-be clients several chances to click to learn something, receive a newsletter or more.
  • Work well. A website that loads slowly will translate into lost clients.

Social Media

twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media platforms provide an incomparable web of opportunities to connect with potential and existing clients. Ideas and

strategies for using social media in dental marketing are:

  • Daily, engaging, and clever updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Posting a useful and creative blog entry weekly
  • Let would-be clients get to know you and your staff by posting occasional Instagram images
  • Targeted, financially-responsible advertising on various social networking platforms

Marketing Plan

Internet marketing is not optional for a practicing dentist, not if you want to be directly competitive in your field. Statistics tell the story. Interconnected World tells us that 61% of Internet users search for products and services online, and that 44% of said users begin their quest with a search engine. tells us that 75% of Internet users never scroll past the first page of search results. HubSpot tells us that 46% of Internet users read blogs every day.

Dentist SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the use of tactics in dentist marketing that result in getting your website listed on the first page of search results. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use special keywords and algorithms to decide in which order to list websites that are relevant to a user’s search. For example, failing to list a physical location on a single page of a website can result in being left out of search results when a local user is looking for a new dentist.

Using smart dental SEO tactics will:

  • Ensure that you are competitive in your direct market, as dental SEO is widely used.
  • Result in your website being consistently listed in search results when a local user searches for a dentist.
  • Attract additional traffic to your website.

performing dentist Internet Marketing?

What are some of the things we do with SEO when performing dentist Internet Marketing?

  • Provide keywords that search engines will notice
  • Write a meta tag – a special HTML tag that search engines look for – for your website
  • Revise current content to ensure dental SEO optimization
  • Tag website images so that they can found by search engines
  • XML sitemap creation
  • Suggest URLS to embed on the website
  • External dental SEO or building links to the website from other websites
  • PR writing & distribution
  • Blog management
  • Recommendations on how to convert browsers to clients

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