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Are your Dermatologist Marketing efforts standing out from your competition?

When searching online for dermatologists, internet users will find themselves having to choose from as many as 235 million search results. As such, it’s crucial that you do everything possible to ensure that your dermatologist marketing stands out from everyone else’s.

Does your Practice Have an existing Marketing Strategy?

Although printed advertising used to be effective, this practice is quickly being passed over in favor of internet marketing. If your dermatology practice doesn’t have any type of online presence, you will most likely not still be in business within the next few years. Even the smallest businesses are now learning to focus their marketing efforts online because it’s the most effective way to get the word out about the products and services they offer.

Over the past few years, the internet has managed to achieve what marketers and economists have been trying to do – to make it possible to provide even the smallest business with a global presence. Even medical practitioners are now seeing that their businesses cannot survive anymore unless they are willing to develop an effective online marketing strategy.

Can your Current Marketing Strategy Grow Your Practice ?

The demand for the strongest possible internet presence will continue increasing over time. This means that the earlier you establish an effective marketing plan, the easier it will be to upgrade it as needed – for instance, when your dermatology practice expands or as your dermatologist marketing needs change.

With everyone being more connected than ever before, it’s become crucial to ensure that your dermatologist marketing is kept up to date and aligned with the best and most effective online strategies possible. In short, your business will not survive without the right internet marketing.

All you need to do is take the first step to move your dermatologist marketing online. If you’re unsure of how to go about doing this, or you don’t yet have a company website, contact us right away by emailing or calling 866-250-4541. We will be happy to assist.

Onpage SEO

Not many dermatologists realize just how crucial online marketing has become. However, these medical professionals would never think of performing any treatments on patients without meeting with them to discuss their options beforehand. Exactly the same principle applies where on-site SEO (search engine optimization) is concerned.

It’s essential that your dermatology website be 100% user-friendly before any form of link building or external marketing campaigns can even be considered or implemented. Using our range of on-site SEO services alongside your company’s website will go a long way in helping to achieve a number of predetermined online marketing targets.

A website that has been designed to be search engine friendly, is visually uncluttered, has customized Meta information, appropriately optimized content and corresponding image tags will be one that is extremely responsive to the various forms of external link building strategies.

While SEO itself is the process of ensuring that your dermatology website is streamlined, efficient and easy to use, the optimization process involves highlighting the various services, products and procedures that you’re able to provide to your clients.
Here at Brandignity, we provide clients like you with an on-site optimization service that includes all of the above-mentioned aspects. This allows your website to become as search engine compatible as possible, which will in turn provide more organic site traffic than ever before.

Our SEO Recommendation Document

We will provide you with an SEO recommendation document, and this will show you exactly how each of the changes on your website will need to take place. This document is easy to understand and you can send it to your website developer so they can implement the necessary changes on your website.

If you don’t have a full-time website developer on hand, that’s also OK. In a case like this, we can provide you with the option of performing these tasks on your website at a nominal cost. We are happy to discuss our available options and costs with you before getting started, so you can plan appropriately.

Aspects that will be addressed in this document include:

  • Effective keyword research
  • Web copy optimization
  • Creating a sitemap
  • Providing recommendations regarding URL structure
  • Optimization of Alt tags
  • Conversion recommendations
  • SEO recommendations for your site

Offpage SEO

The SEO link building service we provide will help ensure that an effective link building campaign that has been formulated to increase website rankings and improve brand building at the same time. It involves developing an extensive network of appropriate link pathways that will direct to your dermatologist marketing website and help build as much industry authority as possible.

While performing your online marketing, our developers will build various organic links by using methods that are 100% Google approved. Link building for SEO purposes works by providing your site with the power it needs to cruise upwards in online search rankings. The link building service we provide involves the use of proactive marketing and branding – two aspects that have become crucially essential to every single business these days.

Website rankings on their own won’t be able to build your dermatology website, but when this is used alongside our effective marketing and branding services, you’ll be able to see your practice’s website standing out from industry competitors sooner than you think.

What do you get monthly?

A Customized SEO Strategy

If you opt for an ongoing monthly SEO campaign, we’ll compile a customized 1-year SEO strategy for your site – which is quite scarce in our industry. We believe in implementing a totally transparent process that will allow you to see everything that is being done and that will be done ahead of time. Each month, all link locations, website content, user names and passwords and campaign notes will be recorded in a single, easy to understand report.

A Detailed Ranking Report

This report will allow you to see exactly which keywords are becoming more or less popular over time. Because SEO is heavily driven by the use of appropriate keywords, it’s crucial that you be provided with this information on a regular basis.

Google Analytics Data

If you’re comfortable with giving our team access to your Google Analytics account, we’ll download monthly data from it that will allow you to see exactly what is happening on your practice’s website. Information here will include aspects such as your site’s most visited web pages; bounce rates and any other area where we think we’ll be able to help boost your online presence as much as possible.

A Committed Individual

When working with our team at Brandignity, you’ll never be transferred from one person to the next or have to deal with unprofessional people. In fact, we provide you with someone who is dedicated to your account, along with an email address and direct phone number that can be used if there is anything you need to know. If you are a dermatologist and you’re keen to learn more about the different SEO options we provide, contact us today.

Designing Your Website

By now, it’s easy to see that the most effective and essential tool where dermatologist marketing is concerned will be a website that is not only visually appealing but one that is also easy for users to navigate.

When searching for information pertaining to dermatologists these days, the first place potential patients will look is online – at a number of websites. If your website has been designed to be user friendly, it will result in an increase in site visitor traffic and it will also provide you with the ideal platform for getting your dermatology-based social media marketing plan up and running.

A dermatologist’s website should:

  • Be as informative as possible when explaining the procedures you offer
  • Have several videos that show the various aspects of your practice and procedures
  • Contain a blog that is updated regularly with industry-relevant information
  • Contain various trust building information like patient testimonials, association logos, and information pertaining to your education
  • Have several conversion points that enable site visitors to be converted to leads
  • Contain high quality written content that has been SEO optimized to ensure maximum visibility
  • Have a design that is responsive and uncluttered
  • Contain up to date coding

Managing Your Social Media

These days, a good and reputable online presence is crucial – the whole world revolves around a number of social media platforms now.

A dermatology practice’s Instagram and Facebook accounts can be used to showcase various before and after photos pertaining to the procedures you perform (after obtaining client consent), while a professional Twitter account can be used to keep new and potential patients up to date with regards to any changes happening in this branch of the medical industry.

A few possible strategies and ideas for dermatologist marketing on social media can include:

  • Providing daily updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter
  • Uploading fresh blog content each week
  • Daily Instagram photos of the office and employees
  • A well-organized and planned YouTube channel that provides information on your procedures and other industry-related news
  • Social media competitions
  • Placing paid-for advertising on different social media platforms

Google AdWords

One of the fastest ways for your website to reach the top of search results is to harness the power of Google AdWords. Our service offering in this regard can help get your dermatology practice visible to a local audience in as little as a day or two at the most after going live. This is by far the quickest way to attract new patients to your practice as well. It’s also possible for us to track all phone calls and leads so that your ROI can be determined.

Setting up a Google AdWords campaign for your practice can:

  • Enable your site to achieve visibility as quickly as possible
  • Encourage visibility to site pages that aren’t yet ranking organically
  • Increase client leads
  • Increase brand awareness for the services and procedures that your site is already ranking organically for
  • Enable you to customize your messaging for each procedure you perform

If you want to ensure that your dermatology practice reaches the top of search engine results and you’re unsure how to go about doing so or you simply don’t have the time to implement the above measures yourself, our team will be more than happy to assist you. Get in touch with us by emailing info@brandignity or calling our offices on 866-250-4541 today.

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