Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel



Web development, search engine optimization, link building, blog writing, social media management, newsletter construction and management, AdWords

Time Frame

April 2010 – Present

Company Background

Boston area facial plastic surgeon.


The challenge from day one was the fact that 95% of the entire website pages where going to be brand new pages that never existed before. This caused us to compete against competitors which had main service pages ranking in search for much longer period of time. The other major challenge was that there was a great deal of competition clearly visible in the search space. Cities like Boston usually have a massive amount of medical institutions to compete against in this field.

The site had the following issues prior to re-developing and implementing onsite SEO efforts:

  • Low link popularity
  • Too many products clustered onto one page
  • Out of date website HTML
  • Zero onsite SEO
  • Low or no rankings for keywords that searchers might use to find their site

SEO Strategy

Our first point of attack was to create a website which housed over 35 new service related pages we could then optimize on a local level immediately to the Boston, MA area. We created massive amounts of content and fully optimized all content utilizing a small handful of related keywords for each page.

We then incorporated a comprehensive monthly link building, blog writing and social media management in order to create a diverse traffic flow.

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

I recently switched my internet marketing and web presence from a large NYC firm to Brandignity. So far, so good. Brandignity has been responsive, innovative, and completely above board. I am enthusiastic that our message is getting across better than ever, and with the most contemporary approach.

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Here are some quick SEO milestones the site has already accomplished:

  • Traffic from April 2010 to July 2015 has increased over 500%
  • Google Search Engine Referral Traffic Increased 100%
  • Website has averaged over 14,000 visitors per/month
  • Website averages 400 unique visitors per/day
  • When we took over the website it was averaging 30
  • Website conversions have increased over 100% each month

Current Keyword Rankings

  • Ranked 1st – 101 keywords
  • In top 3 – 145 keywords
  • Top 10 – 213 keywords
  • Top 100 – 276 keywords