Electrical Experts of FL Case Study

electrical experts case study



Web Design, SEO, and Copy Writing

Time Frame

30 Days

Company Background

Electrical Experts of FL provides clients with an extensive range of commercial and residential electrical services.

The Client’s Needs

The client came to us needing a new website that would also be a lead generation tool. We built the site with SEO in mind and made sure the UX was designed in a way that would facilitate lead generation.

Clients needs:

  • A page for each service offered
  • Strong onpage SEO
  • Full site copywriting
  • A blog
  • Fast server speeds

Web Design

We designed a website that had a larger footprint for better search engine optimization. Each service was broken out onto their own pages with strong SEO content on each service page. The site was also designed to be a lead generation tool with various CTA’s in strategic areas of the site. The site was also built with the latest design trends and industry standards in place.

Copy Writing

Our team also wrote all the copy for the entire website. All copy was written with SEO in mind to ensure Google indexed the various internal pages properly.

Fast Hosting

One of the main client goals was to have a fast loading website. We identified a hosting company that specialized in WordPress hosting that suited their hosting needs.