EZ Lending SEO Marketing Case Study



SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, Copy Writing, Google AdWords and The Web Design

Time Frame

60 Days

Company Background

EZ Lending mortgage consultants Company


When EZ Lending came to us their website was very bare bones and not built for SEO. We gave it a fresh redesign with much needed content and various call-to-action items to help with lead generation. Post website launch we put together an ongoing turnkey marketing program which consisted of email marketing, SEO, social media, paid ads and a content marketing strategy.

Initial challenges:

  • No onsite SEO
  • No visible keywords on the site
  • Very few services pages
  • Very light on content
  • SEO nuts & bolts of the site needed tweaking
  • Required a redesign with CTA’s for stronger lead generation

Email marketing

Our email marketing program consists of monthly newsletters filled with unique content that current and past customers would enjoy reading.

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Social Media

Each month we put together 6-10 status updates that consisted of custom designed tiles, blog posts, company news, industry info and much more.


mortgage marketing case study

First Month Rankings from Relaunch

Our client saw a great increase in rankings in just the first month of the website relaunch.