Group 3 Aviation Case Study



Local onsite SEO, local citation marketing, blog writing & social media, AdWords

Time Frame

April 2013 – January 2014

Company Background

Group 3 Aviation provides helicopter tours and charter services in southern California, Los Angeles and Anchorage Alaska.


Southern California, Los Angeles and Anchorage Alaska is home to many tourist attraction businesses including a variety of helicopter tour companies. There is quite a bit of online clutter for things tourists can do in all 3 geographical locations. Many businesses are going after the same type of tourist keywords making the online space very busy.

The site also had the following issues:

  • Very few local links pointing to the site
  • Service pages were not broken out
  • Few local rankings
  • No real inbound marketing strategy in place
  • Blog was brand new and not updated
  • The site was un-optimized
  • Many new pages added to the site which needed time to mature

SEO Strategy

The first step was conducting keyword research so we could identify how people search for helicopter tour and charter services in California and Anchorage. There are many different tours offered in both locations so keywords were going to be important for individual pages. We made sure all tours were broken out onto their own page with unique content so they could be given the opportunity to rank for certain core keywords. We optimized the content, wrote unique meta data, optimized images and interlinked many of the pages to strengthen the SEO foundation.

Our ongoing step was to build quality links pointing to the site and generate good blog content we could leverage. We wrote 2 blog posts for each location per/week that people could use when visiting those specific locations. We also created a link strategy utilizing local citation locations, press release writing and distribution, article marketing, business directories and niche website links.

We also had an active Google AdWords campaign running with multiple ad groups for both geographical locations.


Before onsite SEO work

  • 14 ranking in first position
  • 31 keyword in top 3
  • 57 keywords on page 1

After campaign

  • 28 keywords in position 1
  • 65 keywords in top 3
  • 116 keywords on page 1

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