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Don’t Forget About These Web Marketing Elements

When it comes to website marketing there are a variety of obvious things you could and should be doing to proactively promote yourself and your website. There are some technical aspects that we can all be doing on our websites...

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15 Popular Misconceptions about SEO

It is interesting to see the wide variety of definitions and approaches to SEO that exist out there. I often times speak to people that still think some really crazy concepts about search engine optimization which leads me to believe...

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When Online Branding Is Important

Search engine rankings are great and all but if your company’s branding abilities really do not convey your business message to your audience you might have a hard time getting your point across to your core online community. With massive...

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Social Media The Third Phase In Web Evolution?

We have all seen what the internet is capable of especially over the last five years or so. Social media came into the picture and made a rather large disruption in the way businesses communicate with their audiences. In this TechCrunch...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Write A Blog Post Everyday

  Writing a blog post has many different advantages depending on how you look at things. Whether you write every day or once per/week something is better than nothing and still has some advantages. At the end of the day however...

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Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

This saying is very important to understand when you start to deal with search engine marketing and optimization for your website or business. I often times see online entrepreneurs really putting all their eggs into one basket when it comes to their...

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Newsletter Ideas To Increase List Performance

Newsletter marketing for any business or company is something that should always be done regardless. Depending on what you are offering will depend on what should be placed inside the newsletter along with how you want your email list to...

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How Not To Lose Twitter Followers

Social media is an area where many businesses are still sort of scratching their heads when it comes to building their online brand in front of their target audience. Twitter has become a very important aspect to social media and...

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5 Important Blog Writing Tips

Writing great blog posts is a lot like riding a bike, at first you might crash and burn a few times but eventually it just comes naturally. Writing as a whole is a craft that requires a great deal of...

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Is Google Manipulating It’s Own Search Results?

I know everyone harps on Google because they are the big gorilla in the room that seems to be occupying all the search space but this recent Wall Street Journal article raises some interesting points on Google’s search results and how...

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