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Still Scared Of Social Media? Test The Waters First

Nobody said that everyone has to be a social media superstar. If you are in that demographic that is still sort of scared of entering the social media space you are not alone. Social media might seem like it is...

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Rap Battle: Bill Gates Vs. Steve Jobs

I'm sorry but I am a sucker for funny viral videos especially when they portray tech giants like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs underground rap artists battling each other on stage. Enjoy this video because I sure did....

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7 Simple Tips For Succeeding as an Online Entrepreneur

The Online revolution has set the stage for more entrepreneurs than ever to build a successful career. Although the way the barriers to entering into the business world are falling is good for you, it also means that you have...

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Does Your Audience Feel Warm And Fuzzy?

Social media is not just a fad or some website that has swung in that is going to vanish into thin air 6 months down the road. Social media is a process and a communication tool used to spread any...

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Yahoo Gives SEO Tips?

If you have never heard of the Yahoo Style Guide it is a printed book that Yahoo created about communication in media. One of the topics in this book is a section about search engine optimization. Is there a section in...

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When it Comes to Branding You Can’t Put Lip Stick On A Pig

  If you have had a website for some time now and all you have proceeded to do is nonsense marketing in hopes of becoming “rich” you are in for a rough ride from a branding standpoint. The search engines are...

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Need More Website Phone Calls?

Search engine marketing is absolutely nothing if you don’t have the right components in place on your website to get some activity going from your audience. If you are a business that requires inbound phone calls coming in to keep...

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Twitter Embedded Tweets

This is a really neat new little feature that Twitter will be rolling out very soon. A definite way to spread more Twitter wealth and branding through the vast pages of the web by being able to quote Twitter tweets....

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The Art Of Building Links

Regardless of what you might think building links to your website at some point is a very important step if you truly want to start ranking in the search results. There are really two types of approaches when it comes...

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Top SEO Objections

  I often times bump into the same questions over and over because of the nature of this industry. I have found myself thinking that most of them are sometimes ridiculous but can be overcome with a basic understanding of the...

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