Level 1Tec Case Study




Onsite SEO, keyword research, content optimization, image optimization and offpage SEO.

Time Frame

May 2014 – March 2015

Company Background

Seattle based automotive tuning shop.


The first area that required our help was the onpage SEO elements. The site had quite a bit of copy which is good for SEO but the copy wasn’t really optimized for their targeted keywords.

Some quick points we were up against from the start:

  • Poorly optimized copy
  • Blank page meta data
  • Lean page copy
  • No inbound links
  • Low keyword usage
  • No alt tags on images

SEO Strategy

Once we conducted keyword research and got a better understanding on how people search we then picked relevant keywords for every page of the site.

We started with writing custom meta data for each page, optimizing existing copy, writing additional SEO copy where needed, tagging images and making sure the coding was clean.

Prior to SEO

  • Position #1 in Google: 0
  • Page #1 in Google: 1 keywords
  • In top 50: 5 keywords

After 6 Months of SEO

  • Position #1 in Google: 9
  • Page #1 in Google: 29 keywords
  • In top 50: 52 keywords

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