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Keyword research and onsite website optimization techniques.

Time Frame

30 days

Company Background

Osborne Homes buys distressed homes for cash in the greater Los Angeles area.


Real estate in general is a very competitive space when it comes to SEO. If you are in a tier 1 or 2 city the search results are typically littered with real estate material from other agents, firms, developers, etc… We were entering a market that has a great deal of online activity.

Initial challenges:

  • No onsite SEO
  • No visible keywords on the site
  • No prior Internet marketing
  • Smaller than average website
  • Heavy competition

Onsite SEO Strategy

Our goal was to really identify how people search in that specific area of the country. When a person has a distressed home they need to unload rather quickly search queries can be on the emotional side. We researched close to 300 different keywords and long tail phrases people used to sell their homes quickly.

We then strategically picked about 25 of the core phrases we wanted to pursue so we localized them and molded them into the correct relevant pages of the website. By adding the region, city and location to the phrases we were able to successfully optimize the site so it was visible for a variety of local search terms.We then custom crafted meta data for each page, optimized existing content, optimized URL structures, image alt tags and added an XML sitemap to ensure the website was 100% search engine friendly.


Within 30 days these are the results we recorded:

  • 26% increase in rankings for 19 localized keywords
  • Top 3 for 3 important keywords
  • Page 1 for 9 important keywords and phrases
  • When we started their was virtually no rankings established

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