Pay Per Click Advertising Services

We offer a variety of pay per click advertising management and optimization solutions to help you convert traffic into leads.

If you want to cut to the chase and gain visibility in the search engines a little bit quicker, a pay per click advertising company is the way to go. Our local and national pay per click advertising can put you in the limelight next to some of your leading online competitors. Pay per click advertising & positioning is something that you don’t have to wait for. This online marketing effort allows you to gain traction in your space immediately.

Whether you have a large pay per click advertising budget or just something light to start with; there is a strategy for everyone. Don’t think that you need to have an enormous pay per click (PPC) budget to stand in front of your audience because there are ways to target your audience even with a small budget.

Our Pay Per Click Process

Our goal is to understand your business 100%.

It’s important for us to know what your online goals so we can construct the right pay per click advertising campaign to help you grow efficiently.

Once we understand your business we’ll craft a PPC strategy specific to your needs and goals.

Once we are all on the same page we will then execute the custom crafted strategy.

We will continuously monitor your campaign and make necessary adjustments.


Our Pay Per Click Advertising Options

Option 1 – Pay Per Click Advertising Set Up

Do you need someone to simply set-up your pay per click advertising campaign and pass the torch over to you? Or do you need some PPC optimization and positioning tweaking for your current campaign?

We can do that! At Brandignity we can set up your PPC campaign for you so you can take it and monitor it on a daily basis independently. Whether it’s Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing or LinkedIn we can help set it up so it’s running efficiently.

Option 2 – Pay Per Click Advertising Setup & Management

A well-positioned pay per click (PPC) campaign can bring wonders to your business but it has to be built the right way. Everything from keyword research to how you write your ad copy to the creatives need to be done in a very strategic manner for your campaign to work to your advantage. We will build your pay per click campaign so it is running 100% like a “well-oiled machine.” If you require someone to keep a careful eye on your campaign and manage it on a daily basis, we can also assist you! A PPC campaign requires daily management in order to ensure the safety of your budget.

We will continue by monitoring our changes and making the necessary tweaks and changes to keep things running smoothly

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