Personal Branding for Kids & Teens

If you have a kid or teen trying to make it a personal brand is going to be important. We can help.

Our Personal Branding for Kids/Teens Services

The emergence of child and teen entertainers calls for a special digital marketing approach – one that includes brand building and management. Equally important to your child being seen is the manner in which it’s done. And no one knows this more than Brandignity. Our approach to creating your child’s online footprint will be one that’s grounded in effective principles while still being creative. We’ll use proven digital marketing techniques to ensure success—no science, no secrets.

Why do you need this stuff?

  • Your child needs a central hub for fans
  • Casting directors like motivated children
  • A great way to really showcase their talents to the world
  • The other parents will be jealous!

Our Commitment to Communication

Our program was created for parents and child entertainers who want to do digital marketing the right way. The way that gets real results. Taking action is easier than ever—send an email or give us a call and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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Child & Teen Branding Options

Web Design & Branding

A creative website is one of the most exciting parts of being a child entertainer.

Effective branding requires patience, which is why we take the time to get to know you and your child. We will create a brand that’s an accurate reflection of both your child’s personality and goals. And, of course, we’ll do it in the manner you deem appropriate.

Your child’s website will have:

  • A unique domain name
  • A creative bio
  • Video and/or recording examples
  • Pictures
  • Social media links
  • Contact information

And, if you’re interested, much more. The possibilities really are endless.

Your Child’s SEO

In order for your child to land performances, they need to be seen locally and nationally. Search engine optimization (SEO) makes this happen—your child’s website will be on the first page of search engine results so that interested users don’t miss out. As more and more people learn about your child’s unique skill set, they’ll reach out with opportunity offers.

SEO has proven to be more effective than every other marketing avenue available. Print and social media don’t even come close. The key lies in the strategy—an honest, upfront approach always works best. So, that’s what we provide. And, the results speak for themselves.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is necessary for every type of branding – especially personal branding.

Social media is going to be a huge component to a child’s personal branding strategy. YouTube videos, active Instagram and various other branding efforts are going to build the younger fan base – which is what your child’s brand needs for success.

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