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Making regular newsworthy announcements is important for a business. We can help craft and distribute that voice.

Online press releases can be an amazing way to gain visibility about a person or a business. When written and distributed correctly, a press release can continue to grow indefinitely and can linger in the search space for an infinite amount of time. For many years press releases have been a foundation step when trying to accomplish great search engine optimization for your website. At Brandignity, we can help you craft a press release for just about any announcement. The great thing about our press release service is that we will conduct keyword research and write your PR with SEO in mind. The right keywords in your press release can be the difference of a few visitors reading to a lot of visitors reading it.

A press release can be used for

Our professional writers will custom and write a press release for you that you can use anywhere throughout the web. We can even help you distribute the press release utilizing a PR distribution service that will help your press release go the extra mile. Depending on which distribution service we choose, your press release can be viewed thousands of times giving you the potential to be heard by your industry peers.

Really, the sky’s the limit! If you have something important to say a press release can get you in front of:

  • Product announcement
  • Company announcement
  • Upcoming event
  • Company or personal milestones reached
  • Industry bloggers
  • Web editors
  • Reporters
  • Writers

Our Blog Post Examples

Our process?

  • We will customize what it is that you want to communicate. We discuss your PR topic with you and help construct a solid press release execution strategy.
  • We conduct keyword research to make sure your press release is 100% search engine friendly and fully optimized with safe up-to-date SEO techniques.
  • We write your press release for approval.

What will this cost?

It really depends on a variety of criteria:

  • How many words are needed?
  • Do we need to include images?
  • Will we be managing the distribution?

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