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With more than a million restaurants in the United States alone, it can be difficult to create a strong digital presence in this incredibly congested field. You will need the right digital marketing strategy to make your restaurant truly special and ensure that consumers view your menu, your staff, and your atmosphere as unique.

Our Restaurant Marketing Services

Brandignity understands the special challenges associated with promoting a restaurant online. The industry is incredibly competitive, and it can be difficult to make your business stand out from the crowd. With our knowledge and expertise – and with the use of tried-and-true marketing strategies – we can help you get noticed in a way that you never thought possible. Our key strategies include social media and content marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), branding services, and search engine optimization (SEO).

These strategies can improve your restaurant business in several ways:

  • A solid online presence generates curiosity about your cuisine and atmosphere.
  • More traffic to your website means more traffic through your restaurant doors.
  • Digital marketing is necessary for growth in today’s high-tech age.
  • Your competitors are utilizing professional digital marketing and branding right now!

Our Commitment to Communication

Marketing and branding your restaurant to develop a strong online presence is exciting, but we understand that our clients might have questions and concerns throughout the process. We are always available to answer questions, address concerns, or just go over the process with you. Choosing Brandignity isn’t just choosing another marketing agency – it’s choosing a partner that specializes in helping its clients in the restaurant industry grow.

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Restaurant Marketing Options

Restaurant Design & Branding

Your brand and your website are your main tools when it comes to building a digital presence that helps your restaurant thrive. In the restaurant business, it’s important to get people interested in the menu, the staff, and the atmosphere so that they will choose your venue over your competitors. To do this, your brand needs to be more than just an online persona – it needs to be real. Brandignity can help you discover what differentiates you from the rest and create a brand that reflects who you are.

How does Brandignity do this? It’s simple, really. We will sit down with you and learn everything we can about you, your restaurant, and the services that you offer. Then, we will take what we learn and create a website that:

  • Builds and solidifies your reputation in the restaurant industry
  • Increases your credibility and trustworthiness
  • Builds revenue
  • Drives interest in your restaurant’s menu, people, and atmosphere
  • Appeals to your current customers
  • Expands the services you already offer

Opening a restaurant is no easy feat. You’ve worked hard and poured your heart, soul, and money into making your dreams a reality. Let Brandignity help you take the next step in your journey with branding and marketing that reflects who you are and appeals to the crowds.

Search Engine Optimization

In the restaurant industry, it is critical that you establish a strong local presence in order to get people to come through the doors. We will work with you to develop a strong local SEO plan that will ultimately drive your web presence forward. With the right SEO, you’ll save money and see a much bigger return on your investment.

  • You’ll get noticed – now. When people use Google to find a restaurant, more than 75% of them never move beyond the first page of results. You want to be on the first page of results, and Brandignity specializes in making that happen.
  • Social media is important, but Search is better. Social media marketing has its place in the restaurant industry, but Search is 300% more effective. Our goal is to put your marketing budget to the best possible use, and that’s why we focus more on Search and less on social media.
  • Direct mail and print ads aren’t the same. Ultimately, about 14% of the people you reach via SEO will spend money in your restaurant. Compare this to the 1.7% of people who find your restaurant via direct mail and print ads, and it’s easy to see why you should invest in SEO.

If you’re on the fence about search engine optimization, now is the time to pull the trigger. Brandignity can help you achieve amazing results with cost-efficient strategies.

Google AdWords

Although Google Ads has gotten a bad rap in the past, the truth is that it does work when it is used correctly. In fact, many digital marketing agencies don’t even offer Google Ads as part of their services, but Brandignity certainly does. We know the intricacies that make pay-per-click (PPC) advertising work for you, and we will utilize everything we know to bolster the SEO process and make your digital marketing efforts successful. With the right kinds of ads, we can help you maximize your budget and get you more traffic faster than ever.

Social Media Marketing

Although Search is more powerful when it comes to getting people in the door of your restaurant, social media marketing plays a crucial role in building and maintaining your brand’s overall reputation. When you are competing against dozens or even hundreds of other local restaurants, you need people to notice you – and you need people to trust you. Social media marketing is the best way to keep you, your customers, and your potential customers connected, too.

Restaurant Blogging

Blogs are one of the best ways to share your expertise with the world, and they’re important for SEO, too. Regular blogs make the Google Search algorithm happy, and when they are expertly written by professionals who have experience in the restaurant field, they can help build your reputation and become an authority in your field. Brandignity utilizes tried-and-true SEO strategies, and we focus on a variety of topics. Some of your posts will be “evergreen” which simply means they will be as relevant in two years as they are today. Others might focus on local events or industry news. Some topics we may write for your restaurant’s website include:

  • Planning a Much Needed Date Night? Here’s How to Pick the Perfect Restaurant
  • The 5 Best Entrees to Order at Your Favorite Restaurants
  • A Behind-the-Scenes Look at What it Takes to Keep a Restaurant Running
  • Fun and Unique Presentations that will Make Your Dish a Family Favorite

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