Root Suit



Web development, search engine optimization, link building

Time Frame

April 2012 – December 2012

Company Background

Since 2008, RootSuit has delivered the highest quality full body spandex clothing jumpsuits that their fans which have been worn at game day parties, festivals, tailgates, and especially on Halloween.


The largest challenge this site faced was many of the new pages added to the site were brand new. Brand new pages require much longer time in order to gain visibility. Search engines look at age of pages and also domains as an important ranking signal. The older the pages the easier it is for them to really climb when strong onsite SEO and external link building are applied.

The RootSuit site was completely un-optimized when we started SEO in April. One of the most important insights we were able to give them was that breaking out individual products into their own pages would allow those individual pages to build ranking power and work as a doorway.

Still, the site had the following issues prior to re-developing and implementing onsite SEO efforts:

  • Low link popularity
  • Too many products clustered onto one page
  • Low or no rankings for keywords that searchers might use to find their site

SEO Strategy

Our first primary strategy was to breakout out every product onto its own page. This immediately allowed us to create an onsite SEO strategy for each individual product type which turned out to be very powerful. This allowed us to target many more keywords than we might have if all the products were grouped together.

Each product pages turned into its own doorway in the pages of search. We also conduct and manage a monthly link building program to stimulate SEO traction in the search engines.


Here are some quick SEO milestones the site has already accomplished:

  • Traffic from April to July has increased over 35%
  • Google Search Engine Referral Traffic Increased 25%
  • Number of referring sites increase 10%

Note – Green cell indicates 30 day increase from previous month.

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