Shift Innovations Case Study



Onsite SEO, keyword research, content optimization, image optimization.

Time Frame

May 2015 – Present

Company Background

New Jersey professional automotive, residential and commercial window tint installer.


Part of the initial challenge was that we were working with a small website. Smaller websites tend to rank a bit slower from initial changes. Sites that have their services broken out onto individual pages tend to see results a bit quicker (usually). Also, since the company is positioned relatively close to a major city, Philadelphia, there is quite a bit of clutter and competition in the same space.

Some quick points we were up against:

  • Virtually no inbound links
  • Blank meta data
  • No visible keyword usage in copy
  • No image optimization

SEO Strategy

Once we understood the goals of the business our first starting point was keyword research. We used various online tools to understand how people searched for automotive, commercial and residential tinting. We then honed in on the most strategic and relevant keywords while incorporating various local towns into the copy and meta data.

We then focused on custom writing each cluster of meta data for each page, optimizing existing content with keywords and tagging images properly. Our phase 2 plan of attack will be to build out the various services onto their own pages in the coming months.


Owner - Shift Innovations Tinting Company

When I started looking for a company to do my SEO I asked almost everyone I know who does theirs. Maciej was recommended to me by someone I trust very much. I contacted Maciej at Brandignity and he always got back to me in a timely matter. He was willing to walk me through every step of his process to help me. Something I feel very few companies are willing to do. I knew SEO takes time but I started seeing real results in only about 30 days. Very happy I was able to find a company I can truly trust for my Internet marketing. Business has been getting better each month since I started working with Brandignity.

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Prior to SEO

  • Position #1 in Google: 14
  • Page #1 in Google: 22 keywords
  • In top 50: 24 keywords

After Onsite SEO

  • Position #1 in Google: 20
  • Page #1 in Google: 82 keywords
  • In top 50: 102 keywords