Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and SEO: What Are You Missing?

Inbound Marketing Tips

There are a lot of online marketing strategies you should employ to gain Internet visibility. With the ever-increasing competition in the World Wide Web arena, it is imperative that you employ sustainable Internet marketing strategies to rise above the competition. Without these strategies, your website will soon fall in the abyss of poor page rank.

Most people employ inbound marketing, content marketing, and SEO as part of their marketing strategy. However, using these strategies is not an automatic guarantee that your website will gain its rightful place in the Search Engine Return Page (SERP).

So what is really missing in your in your marketing strategy and how can you improve it?

The issue here is not whether you employ inbound marketing, content marketing, and SEO or not, but who perform them.

Most starting companies I know prefer to do their marketing effort in-house, which basically means that they handle their entire Internet marketing strategy by themselves. They might be relying upon their own personnel or personal knowledge acquired from researching the web or reading other sources.

The problem with this decision lies on how volatile and dynamic Internet marketing is. What are acceptable SEO practices today may not be the same tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. SEO is basically a complicated topic that even experts still are trying to cope up with.

Keep an eye on the algorithm updates

Take Google for example. Google is no doubt the most used and popular search engine today accounting for more than 70 percent of the searches made each day. So basically, if Google changes something in their algorithm, everyone will be affected, including your website.

The Hummingbird update

Most websites today program or customize their website’s content according to the preference of Google. Thus, Google is a game-changer and sometimes really unpredictable when they perform upgrade or changes on their algorithm. The same happens when they launch the Hummingbird, which basically rocked the world of SEO and sent SEO experts reconsidering their strategy.

What is the point I am making here? I am pointing out that Internet marketing strategies should be delegated to professional and expert SEO specialists. There are many benefits that you can acquire from hiring a third party company to manage your marketing effort compared to doing it yourself.

Since SEO specialists already have the tools, software, and even the network, they can easily help you maximize your budget to gain the best results. Not to mention that they are completely dedicated to provide excellent SEO services to you.

Now think for a second: if you are going to perform SEO yourself, there is a big chance that you can’t give SEO your one hundred percent since you has other aspects of your business to take care of. In addition to this, you might not have the right sources to know about the updates and latest trends in Internet marketing.

There is a big difference if you hire a group of people who will purely dedicate their time and effort to performing your SEO strategies. As a result, you’ll surely get the most of your investment and be sure that you are employing the best available methods of SEO.

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Karrie Morton . Karrie is a freelance writer and social reformer where she writes about things that inspires or gets notified in the society. She has been writing for Integrity Media Corp. about current hot topics such as technology, internet marketing, and social media. You can connect with Karrie through her social media accounts.

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