SEO Might Be the Wild Wild West—But You Shouldn’t Be Scared of It

SEO Wild Wild West
The wild wild west. Every man for himself. No oversight. No rules. No boundaries….Only survival. Thank God we don’t live it.


But hold on a minute—I’ve heard of this SEO stuff, and it seems pretty similar to what you’re talking about.


Okay. You got me. The truth is….


The wild wild west is still very much alive. Except this time, there are no guns, bar fights, or even cowboys. Only: computers, companies, digital marketers, and…..




The Start of the SEO Wild Wild West

Thanks to highly advanced algorithms, Google can no longer be manipulated.


And guess what…..


(Some) SEO companies are freaking out.


What tricks are we going to use now? How are we going to improve our clients’ rankings?




So, as you can tell, the SEO industry is now one where most digital marketing companies are scrambling—trying any and every SEO approach that might work. The industry is no where close to being consistent. Which means……


Customers (like you) are scared to invest time and money in a digital marketing service.


Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of SEO

Good digital marketers know what it takes to SEO a site. They’re out there. You don’t have to be worried or scared. They follow a simple proven approach that they are 100% willing to share:


First—Technical due diligence is used to make a site “Google-friendly”. Adjusting various components of a web page ensure that Google reads and catalogs your entire website properly.


Second—Basic marketing techniques are used. Specific questions—that pertain to the user (not Google)—are asked.


  • What type of content is the user looking for?
  • What problem is the user trying to solve?
  • What type of related content frustrates the user?


The answers to these questions are the key to SEO.


Third—Remarkable content is created with the goal of giving the user information and resources that they can’t get anywhere else.


Fourth—Remarkable content is strategically placed so users consume and share it.
This approach is an extremely effective way to SEO a site. The end result is a site that Google and—more importantly—users will love.


What Effective SEO Does for Your Business

The bottom line is this: Effective SEO produces never before seen results. You will see an increase in:


  • Targeted traffic
  • Conversion rate
  • Brand credibility (Google is the most trusted online resource in the world)
  • Organic rankings


And, of course, you will make much more revenue (hopefully).



The decision to invest in SEO is never an easy one. SEO is the wild wild west, but you shouldn’t be scared of it. This post has showed you why—Putting your online presence in the hands of a trusted digital marketing company will get you results that stick. An honest, straight forward digital marketing approach is one that you can count on. Remember: No science, no secrets, just digital marketing.
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