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Is Anybody Reading Your Blog?

There are thousands of blogs in the search results leaving you to really have to think outside of the box not only to get visitors to your site but also to have them create some sort of action once they...

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Hire A Freelancer Or SEO Firm?

With SEO being such an important step in any businesses online approach many companies are sometimes left scratching their heads to where they should be looking and who they should be hiring to help them achieve their goals. Some businesses...

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Failure to Evolve Just Leads To Failure

I still come across these horrendous SEO marketing approaches where people think that mass blanketing the internet with a certain effort is a good approach to marketing a website online. Throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks is...

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Keep Your Name Online Clean

With the way the internet is shaping up it will be more important than ever to really focus on creating a brand in the online space. The internet has allowed those who were once quite to now be very vocal...

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Does Your Home Page Look Like A Hot Mess?

  I often times speak with potential clients who’s websites are usually the main culprit for their lack of success online. I know that design is very subjective and not everyone is going to agree on “good” design but there are...

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Google’s Interesting Series Of Fortunate and Unfortunate Events

Have you ever take a look at Google and some of the mishaps and accomplishments that have been created from this mega corporate giant? Here is a really nice flow chart by SEOBook outline the collateral damage created by Google...

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Danny Sullivan Conducts Very Important Interview w/ Bing and Google

Here is an older interview that I feel is still very important conducted by Danny Sullivan with the folks over at Google and Bing to discuss how being social really relates and responds to the overall algorithm. Up until now most people don’t really assume...

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When Did Online Sharing Become So Important?

  At some point in time we as a society have decided that it is fun to share stuff online through the web. It doesn’t matter what we are sharing as long as we are sharing something throughout our social networks....

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Still Scared Of Social Media? Test The Waters First

Nobody said that everyone has to be a social media superstar. If you are in that demographic that is still sort of scared of entering the social media space you are not alone. Social media might seem like it is...

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Rap Battle: Bill Gates Vs. Steve Jobs

I'm sorry but I am a sucker for funny viral videos especially when they portray tech giants like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs underground rap artists battling each other on stage. Enjoy this video because I sure did....

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