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Google Helps With The Panda

The Panda update has everyone all rowdy in the search space right now. For some websites rankings have been violently disrupted leading to mass layoffs and for some the claim has even been positive. Regardless of how you look at it Google...

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What Is Going On With The Social Location Game?

Check-ins have been all the rage now for a few years and it seems like almost every web based giant wants to get a piece of the pie before the market becomes too saturated. Some might say it is already...

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15 Reasons Why Your Competition Out Ranks You

Not all websites are created equal. They all stem from a variety of factors and marketing signals the search engines use to determine the power and ranking ability of your web pages. It does not matter who has better design or lower...

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Google Wants To Take A Photo Of Your Business

What is better than a nice Google Local Maps listing? A nice Google Local Maps listing with photos of your business taken by a Google photographer. Sure it might not be any different than you firing up your camera and...

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Awesome Google Chrome SEO Extensions

If you like to handle everything organically without any technology to help than kudos to you but if you enjoy using little trinkets and business applications that provide you with great real time data than these SEO plugins are perfect. Of course...

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What Website Load Time Really Means For Cash Flow

A little while ago Google dropped a bombshell on the website community announcing that page load time would start to be considered when it comes how well a website along with all of its pages ranks in the search engines. KISSmetrics recently...

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25 Ways To Tease A Search Marketer

If you want to see a search marketing professional squirm and sweat there are different ways you can tease them. Of course this all depends on how much time and energy you both have vested in each other but if...

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Google Launches New Webmaster Verification Plugin For WordPress

Wordpress has become a very popular blogging platform for a variety of obvious reasons. What started off as just a blogging platform years ago has now turned into a very important website building technology that many organizations large and small...

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Don’t Be A Goldfish, Increase Your Online Influence

When it comes to marketing anything online influence is everything from a brand image standpoint. Becoming an authority and spewing trust around your online community is really what it takes to grow your business online in today's social business space....

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Is Google Testing New Search Results Again?

Did anyone else notice the change yesterday in how search results are displayed? Basically it looks like they took the URL display and placed it first in the description section for that specific link. Tough to make an opinion on...

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